Apr. 25th, 2017

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U is for unfinished. I’m sure we all have unfinished projects out there. My closet is filled with 1001 beads waiting to become jewelry. My hard drive is equally cluttered with the half-baked unborn stories. Some are just waiting for me to find time to work on them, some in the editing stage, some in the still only half written stage. Others, once the written scenes were out of my head, the story went with them. Nothing remains. Even rereading it, it’s like a strange wrote it. It’s very peculiar.
If I had to pick a couple unfinished stories that I’m sure will go somewhere I’d have to pick These Haunted Hills which, to be fair, I only recently started. Theoretically it’s my Camp Nano story. Even though the middle is as murky as a Louisiana bayou, I have a lot of good ideas. I just need time (and self-discipline. God five years ago I had that by the boat load but lately it’s just gone.)

The other has the working title Behind Blue Eyes and it’s a SF story about a young man born into a prison slum who thinks he’s getting a work release but ends up in sexual slavery (though the rich people using the Toys believe they’re willing courtesans). Kaleo ends up given as a birthday present to a genius scientist, Aneirin who really has no desire to own a Toy. Once he learns the truth about the Toys, Aneirin is determined to bring an end to the practice, provided he lives long enough as someone is out to stop him and his team of scientists from developing a cure to a virus that could prove genocidal.

Kaleo on the other hand is learning to live with the changes, now permanent, that were made to his body as part of the Toy process but his suicidal escape plans fall to the way side when he learns not only can he live with Aneirin who is a kind and gentle man Kaleo comes to admire for those qualities (and his intelligence) but he is determined to protect Aneirin from anyone seeking to harm him.

Kaleo and Aneirin’s story is easily a duology if not a trilogy. Now if only I could find time for everything I want to do.

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