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Opps, sorry about that guys but work has been keeping me silent while I work on a project that is do or die as far as employment is concerned. It's almost done and I'll be so glad. I've not really even been able to write as a result of its demands on my time. I get very cranky if I'm unable to write.

Speaking of writing check out this site, Figment, which among other things has daily prompts, often offered up by pros in the business. I'm always looking for prompts to get my brain cooking. I've not had the time to look at the blog and other things it offers but I'm hoping it'll be as intriguing as I think it will.

As for my own writing, I'm still searching for a plot for the scarred soldier story and to find ways to really bring the two lovebirds together in my geeklove story. I think I need a reason for Tam Lin being able to slip the Faerie queen's leash temporarily (probably after hundreds of years she's rather bored with him and he can go do what he wants.)

I've approved the galleys for Haunted. I think the pub date on that is a month from now. The blurb is ready to go. check it out:

Author of a series of true haunting books, Trestan and his lover Connor head to Victoria, British Colombia, for a working vacation. What haunts Trestan, however, is the fear that Connor is getting tired of his only vacations being to the sites of Trestan’s latest books. Staying in haunted hotels adds an additional layer of weird to each vacation. Will beautiful gardens and picturesque settings be enough, or is Trestan’s worst fear about to come true? Is Connor one ectoplasmic display from walking out of their relationship?

Now to start thinking up promo blogs for this.


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