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The sale is going on all week (and more sales to come all month). And it occurred to me after I posted last night that I forgot to actually include a link to my stuff (brilliant!) So you can find my stuff here. and just go to the home page to see all the authors on sale! Cool stuff!

And since the authors participating in Rainbow Snippets have been so supportive of my Nano WIP Behind Blue Eyes (working title) that I thought I'd share the unedited opening to the novel. Let me know what you think.

opening chapter )
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I didn't think I'd have too much to talk about this week but I'm wrong! Dreamspinner is having their 9th anniversary sales all through May.

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During the week of May 1-7, all of my titles will be on sale for 40% off! If you've ever wanted to read anything by me now is the time.

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It's almost crazy to me to realize I've been a member of the family since the early years, mostly in anthologies at that time. So go ahead and check out the sale on all of the authors who've been with DSP for a good long time and keep coming back thru the month to see the rest of the sales.

As for my writing this week I've been busy editing Blood Red Roulette and getting ready to submit it (to DSP as it turns out since they've published a short story with these characters). Hopefully once finals are over and I'm done grading all the things I can get this sent in, at least four months later than my original plan. Sigh.

And then this happened  photo CNW_Winner_200_zpsrxs2im0x.png

I did set the bar low I'm afraid but April is research conclusion month plus the end of the semester drowning in work month so getting 10K of new words is victory enough for me. Part of it was for Corpse Powder which has been sent off and the rest is for Behind Blue Eyes. I'm so glad people are enjoying it in Rainbow Snippets. It's been bolstering. It's not really a romance (romantic subplot yes) but you can say that for nearly everything I write.

So again check out the sale. Find some fun summer reads!

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Black Friday sales are going on. Books make great gifts.

Literally everything I wrote is on sale here at Dreamspinner. It's the perfect time to catch up on the Soldiers of the Sun series.

And there is a few hours more on the sale here at Wayward Ink

Happy Reading
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Books make fantastic gifts. They make great breaks from the holiday stress for you. And I have plenty for sale for the Black Friday weekend.

Check it out. My entire back list at Dreamspinner Press is on sale. This includes ebooks, paperbacks, and novellas. You can navigate from my link to check out all of DSP's great authors. Check it out here

And the Project Fierce: Everyone Deserves a Home anthology by Less Than Three press is also on sale. You get a great anthology and get to help LGBT kids in need. It's win win. Find it here
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I just got the ad pack for the upcoming Dec. Advent Calendar anthology from Dreamspinner. I'm thrilled that there are some urban fantasy stories in the group and oddly enough, it's not one of my own. I wrote my first contemporary story for this, set in Wales at Bryn Celli Ddu (in part) on Yns Mon (Angelsey) for Alban Arthur (Yule). Gareth is a college professor and Druid. Warun is a doctor and Christian. It'll be his first time seeing one of Gareth's celebrations.

 photo thelightofwinter_FBprofile_OptizimedForFeed_zpsf82561e2.jpg

Isn't it a lovely cover? While it is an umbrella cover for the anthology, honestly, if the guy on the right had a bit of Thai mixed into his African heritage and the guy on the left had somewhat darker hair this could be a picture of Gareth and Warun. DSP always has such great covers but I think this might be my favorite advent one yet.

How about a little teaser for my story The Light of Winter

“This is….” Warun reached across the car and pulled Gareth into such an enthusiastic hug, Gareth was glad they were already parked. “Brilliant.” Warun jumped out of the car, letting in a blast of cold air.

Gareth levered himself out from behind the steering column, his legs stiff from the long drive. Plas Rhianfa was as beautiful as he remembered. Gareth had never been inside but had always wanted to. Usually his trips to the Neolithic sites on the island were a lot less extravagant. “So you like your gift, Dr. Jones?” Gareth beamed.

Warun caught him in a quick kiss. “You exceeded all expectations, Dr. Evans. I didn’t know this place existed.”

Gareth clasped Warun’s hand as they gazed up at the stately old home. Plas Rhianfa’s gray stone and glass beckoned. Turrets jutted up against the rosy sunset. Once a private home in the 1800s, the French Gothic chateau couldn’t look more romantic. “I was so worried we wouldn’t be able to get a room. I lucked into a cancellation because I came to this idea a little late in the season. And it’s just the beginning of your gift.”

Warun’s eyebrows lifted. “Oh?”

Gareth cupped Warun’s smooth-shaven chin. “Leave it until we’re settled in.”

And you can find a link to the anthology here
It's on sale!
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From Dreamspinner Press:
GRL Preorders are now available!

If you plan to attend GRL in Chicago this October, you can preorder paperbacks on our site between now and September 21 to be picked up at the event, and if you use the code GRL2014, you won't have to pay shipping! Any orders using this code will only be available for pickup at GRL. You can order books from any author, even if the author isn't attending GRL.

The code is valid on all in-stock paperbacks and good for multiple orders, so take advantage of all the specials between now and then. We will have a special GRL preorder sale Sept. 17-21 where ALL paperbacks will be in-stock for preorders, so if something isn't available now, check back then.

You can keep up with details on DSP's blog here

While I'm unable to attend GRL sadly, don't let that stop you from ordering a copy of Kept Tears. I'm not promising anything but there might be some that are signed.
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 photo Anniversary_May4-10_DSPsite_zps2b6bd03a.jpg

Dreamspinner is having their anniversary and since I joined their house in year three, you can find my stuff and that of so many other fun authors at 35% off. How's that for a deal? It even includes my new Steampunk novella If Two of Them Are Dead that you can pre-order (It'll be out in just a couple weeks).

check me out and if you want to see everyone, click that link then hit home.

I'm thrilled to discover I've already sold a handful of the novella!


Jun. 30th, 2013 09:07 pm
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I'm over the moon. Dreamspinner has sent me a contract for my urban fantasy novel Kept Tears. This is my first novel sale so I'm greatly excited. I love these two men and I hope others will, too. Here's part of the cover letter to give you an idea what it's about, if you didn't see past posts.

Aaron, a young veteran, has enough on his plate just trying to learning to use his prosthetic arm while attending graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh. He’s mentally ill-prepared for meeting Rhys, one of the most intriguing men he’s ever seen. Ready or not, in Kept Tears, Aaron finds himself jumping in the deep end of the relationship waters.

What Aaron couldn’t possibly begin to guess at is that Rhys isn’t human at all. As a prince of the Tylwyth Teg, Rhys is a fae with a whole list of enemies accumulated over the past few centuries. Among them is a former lover, Morcant, who is back to make Rhys’s life miserable. As Morcant takes on human form, a student named Kyle, he tries to steal Aaron away from Rhys. An unwitting pawn in their Machiavellian fae politics, Aaron only knows he’s falling in love. He never suspects that love might just be his death sentence.

I'm going to go do a little dance.
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To Celebrate, Dreamspinner is having a sale on ebooks and audios!

click here to check out all the great titles!

Also it's National Penis Day that seems somehow appropriate. Click it, you know you want to.
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Dreamspinner press is having another sale.

The 2008 Advent set will be available for 44.99 through October 31. It will go out of print on November 1, so don't miss your last chance to get it! check it out here

I'm very happy to say that the 2012 Advent Calendar will have my story Peace in the Valley a little werewolf fun for the holidays.

Also, all Christmas eBooks will also be 25% off.

This should include my Crisis in Faith (Vampires in Vegas, short story) and The Darkest Midnight in December (1930s demon hunters, novella), though I didn't see it in the list.

check it out here

So head on over and find something you'd like to read.
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It's October, which means it's time for Dreamspinner's Halloween Extravaganza once again! To start things off right, they're giving 25% off all eBooks in the Angels and Demons category from now through October 4!

More events will happen during this month so stay tuned!

Check out the sale here

This includes my The Darkest Midnight in December (points to icon) Here's a blurb for it.

The year is 1930, and something is hunting infants and young couples in Economy Village, PA. When a local priest begins to suspect a demon may be the culprit, the sheriff calls in a team of Soldiers from the Sun.

Caleb, Agni, Temple, and Li specialize in demon hunting, but they can’t rule out an old religious sect as the true culprit. Prejudice, distraught parents, and angry townspeople don’t make the team’s job any easier. And if something goes wrong, they’re on their own, because by the time their backup arrives, it will be too late.
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It's talk like a pirate day and Dreamspinner is having a sale. My space pirate story, Ghost of Jupiter is in the Cross Bones anthology that's one of the things on sale!

Ahoy, matey!

Avast! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day. Time to celebrate with loads of booty. So polish up your best pirate lingo and set sail for the Dreamspinner site.

Arrr! Get our pirate anthology "Cross Bones" at 50% off and all other available ebooks at 25% off.

If that's not enough to shiver ye timbers... for all ye true pirates out there, we've hidden chests o' treasure around the site. Find them all and win a pirate book of your choice.

Instructions for the scavenger hunt:

We've hidden chests o' treasure around the site ( Dreamspinner). Find them all and win a pirate book of your choice. The treasures be hidden among pirate related booty so be clever! Find 25 chests and then mail the fair wench julyssa[at] dreamspinnerpress.com listing where you found the treasure. You have until midnight today (Wednesday) to send in your answers. Everyone that finds 25 chests wins.
Avast! Some treasure is better than no treasure so if you don't find all 25 chests, make your list and send it in. We'll take the top 10 entries that come close but don't make 25 and crown them winners as well.

Arrr! Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen you brave pirates!
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Dreamspinner sale

They're having their blue moon 30% off sale tonight only. Sorry for the late notice but it was hang out at the winery night for me. I did get to enjoy the blue moon and now to go and enjoy the sale
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20% off all in stock items. Today only!

They're also a huge giveaway: the readers have to share their
favorite kiss and make up scene from any of our books. One winner, drawn
randomly from all entries, will receive a month of free books: a free copy
of every book DSP puts out in the month of September. Now isn't that cool?

The readers have to leave their comments on this Facebook post

Check it out. Hmmm oddly I don't think I have a kiss and make up scene in anything DSP has published of mine. Ha!


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