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Some of the stories are already going up. I'm SO excited for two of the first three (not that the third looks bad. It's just contemporary fiction which isn't my bag and I know there's no way I'll be able to read all 212 stories!). You can find them here but you DO need to be a member of this Goodreads group (and if you like m/m fiction, you'll enjoy the group!). Andrea Speed is already one of my favorite author's and her SF story Villains looks great and a new-to-me author, Edmond Manning's novella Broken Phoenix looks great (I have a thing for phoenixes and dragons).

My story will probably be out a little later in the release queue because well life ran me over and got in the way of editing it (how it got to be nearly 40K I have no idea). I'm very excited for it because I'll be honest, I let my local writers' group have a sneak peek and they enjoyed it (I had to let them see it. I did murder them all in the story, after all.)

I had mocked up a little cover for it that I didn't share because well I'm not good at graphics but here it is for you all.

 photo ridgesfire_zps01fb4ed0.jpg

Yes that IS the Ridges (The Athens Lunatic Asylum) on fire. It plays a role in the story, I promise. And if you missed my earlier teasers you can find them here. All about the Ridges and This one has my prompts (I can't stop looking at the guy in the middle, I fudged the looks on the other two but the blond is pretty much exactly what Faolan looks like).

Before I get to the excerpt I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the places in the story. The Union Street Diner This is where the story opens and is often where my writers group meets (and where we all died). Then there's The Donkey coffee and Espresso Another place my group meets (and listen to open mike night). I love their lavender lattes.

The Wizard’s Guild is a comic book/gaming store (Why do I hurt the things I love in this story?) It's one of Faolan's hang outs being a gaming geek. And a few of my writers group dies twice in this... sorry ladies.

A new favorite of mine and long-time favorite of Faolan and Jason (and they are indoctrinating Derrek with it)> Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery I have to admit Faolan and company drink a lot of beer and tea in this (What can I say? Two of my favorite things).

And the art movie theatre, The Athena which gets busted all up (and as I looked this up, I learned it's showing The Only Lovers Left Alive!)

And now, as promised a teaser for the story!
The trio's first meeting. )
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I'm so very excited! My demon hunters have gotten their own novella.

Check it out. purchase me here (feel free to share link with anyone you'd think would like it)

The Darkest Midnight in December is the prequel to my stories Snowbound which was in the anthology Necking and A Brief Respite which was given out as Halloween candy last October. It's set in the Pittsburgh area in the 1930's, with one key difference: everyone knows demons are real and demon hunting organizations exist to keep the populace safe. Caleb, Temple, Agni and Li are all Soldiers of the Sun, risking life and limb to protect the innocent from the demons.

I'm also being promoed on two blogs today for my release. Check them out and DO check out all my hostesses' great stories while you're there!

Lily Sawyer and
Shira Anthony Thank you both very much for the help!

NSFW excerpt )

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A short pause to remember the fallen and all those who have served. Thank you very much. It means more than I can say.


And a longest excerpt from my Wounded Warrior story. Aaron is talking to his psychiatrist about why he hasn't gotten physical with his new boyfriend (i.e. his scars). It mentions two real organizations that could always use more recognition and donations, Operation Wolfhound and the Wounded Warrior Project.

"It’s not easy to be gay in the military. I’d rather not talk about it with them. I enjoy my time with them and if I say something and it isn’t taken well, I lose out on something that I know is helping me. I can talk to you and Corinne about my love life.”

“Fair enough. I’m glad you’re taking these steps. They’re very important ones for you.”

He bobbed his head. “I’m stressed but I’m happy. He’s really fun and cute.” Aaron grinned.

“That’s promising.” She took a smaller notepad off her desk and wrote on it. “I know you’re not ready for this organization yet but I thought you might like to look into them.”

He peered at the note. “Operation Wolfhound?”

“They provide borzois for veterans with PTSD. You’d have to be in a house with a yard though.”

“It’s a big dog like my mom’s Bruno. Mom would like for me to move back out there to the farm but I need to get more competent with driving since I’d be working in the city. Thanks though. I’m very interested in it. I love dogs.”

“You’ve mentioned that which is why I thought this would be a good fit for you. It seems like a small group at the moment but it wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye on it.”

Aaron bobbed his head. “I’ll bring it up in my Wounded Warriors meeting, too. Someone there might benefit as well. Thanks, Doc.”
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Attended my first Dreamspinner night at Loves Romance cafe chat and it went very well I think. My novella (releases this wed!) got a few more to-be-reads and I added a few other books to my own pile.

And here is a little more from my wounded warrior story. This excerpt deals with PTSD and phantom pain.

Loud shrieks grated his throat raw. Only when he realized his flailing fist was hitting something meaty did Aaron’s fractured reality start fitting back together. Tears flooded down his face as he dragged in ragged gulps past his tortured throat. His whole body hurt, his arm especially.

“You’re all right, Aaron. You’re safe,” Sebastian said, holding Aaron fast. “It’s just a dream.”

Aaron blinked rapidly, realizing the bedside lamp had been turned on. A trickle of blood pooled in the corner of Sebastian’s mouth. “I…I hit you,” he stammered through his tears.

“It’s fine.” Sebastian let go with one arm so he could wipe at his split lip. “It was an accident.”

“God, oh god, my arm hurts.” Aaron tried to rub the most painful area, grabbing nothing but air. “Damn, hurts so much.” He squeezed his eyes shut against the waves of pain, as agonizing as the moment his arm had been torn from his body.

“Is there anything I can do?” Sebastian rubbed Aaron’s back.

He shook his head, settling back into Sebastian’s embrace. The pain and fear slowly ebbed.
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

100 things #16, A rose by any other name )

Also since it IS Memorial Day weekend and the story mentioned under the cut is about a wounded soldier, I thought I'd share a few excerpt this weekend. Enjoy.

(Aaron has lost his arm and is a pilot study of for the DEKA arm).

“People are looking at you.” Sebastian jerked his head toward the pack of Cub Scouts. “That has to get old.”

“It does, but I understand it. I’m more bothered by the adults who sort of pull their kids close as if they need to shield them from me, like I’m a rogue cyborg out to shred children.” Aaron frowned. This was so not want he wanted to talk about on this date. “Sorry, that came out way more bitter than I wanted.”


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