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I can't overstate how important Star Trek was to me. My parents were Trekkie. I was born just before Season 2 and was probably fairly lucky my name wasn't Uhura (It was nearly Sheena of the Jungle but that's another story all together). I grew up on ST reruns. From here my childhood was shaped and in such a positive way.

I learned to accept all cultures, all ethnic groups, and both sexes as equal. I know that they had a fight on their hands having a woman of African descent on the bridge and that they lost the fight to have a female second in command. I know that a lot of the episodes were silly bordering on tacky and filled with the politics of the 1960s.

But I also know it inspired thousands to do better, to be better people. Look around you at your cell phones and tablets and all the other things seen on that show by the dreamers and made reality by the inspired scientists. It inspired me to be a scientist. I wanted to be Dr. McCoy (and later, as I was preparing for MCATS and Medical School interviews, Dr. Beverly Crusher). I have four separate degrees in science and I owe some of that to my love of Star Trek.

I am here today because of the show. I was bullied through much of high school (being a SF geek didn't help, it was not cool back then). I was depressed. I considered suicide more than once and I would think about two things what it would do to my mom and what would Spock and Kirk do. I know that sounds silly and unrealistic but it did help so very much.

And now I write SF, not exclusively but I do love writing it. (I have issues imagining the tech because that is not the science I loved). I'm not sure I would ever have gotten into SF if not for Star Trek.

I've loved this show all my life. I don't see that ever changing.

Have some articles on it Cast’s favorite episodes.

USA today’s collection of articles.

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I was born in the second season. Mom had a rerun of the show on in the room she was in before they wheeled her into the delivery room to have me. I'm probably lucky I'm not named Uhura or Christine. I've met most of the original class with a few exceptions at conventions. I have a Universal remote shaped like a phaser (and considering one shaped like a sonic screwdriver but that's a discussion for another day).

I got to listen to Gene Roddenberry once and met Majel Barret when they had the exhibit in the Smithsonian. Heck I spent an entire day of my Vegas vacation for my 40th birthday doing nothing but riding the rides at the Star Trek exhibit and eating/drinking at Quark's.

The above picture is from The Naked Time (for those not as geeky as I). How could I not fall in love with a man who looked like that? I still love and admire George Takei, especially for his activism (all of it really, gay rights, bringing us a reminder of the dark times of the concentration camps. My best friend growing up, her mother was in one when she was a child). While I'm not gay myself, I am all for equality and the acknowledgement that love is love (which is probably obvious given what most of my writing is about).

I'm not sure I would have become an author if not for Star Trek. I wrote fanfic for it before I was even in the fifth grade. I was shameless in my love for Spock and Sulu. Some forty years later, that love is unwavering.

I think in many ways what I really took away from Star Trek growing up was Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future, a world, no many worlds, where race and gender didn't matter. A world where people took you as you were. In this place, science was a guiding light. In a time of turbulence in the real world, it showed a brightness that could be achieved by cooperation and understand and not war and conquest. If he had his way, women would have been shown as strong and able as we really are (too bad the station executives wouldn't go for it). It was universe that positively glowed with acceptance and understanding for all people. We are not that universe yet. Maybe we never will be but I believe that dreamers like Mr. Roddenberry show us the way, the what might be and I am grateful for that.

Happy Birthday, first love, and here's to many more.


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