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Just something from a new story I'm noodling with. I might have put something up from this verse already. I can't remember.

Gideon made himself a grilled cheese, shoving it on a plate next to a tub of horseradish and bacon dip. The chips he ate straight from the bag. Junk food was an addiction. Junk food, comic books and mysteries. The first addiction was because he really was a young man regardless of the blood running through his veins. The other two were because of that evil blood flowing in him and no one wanted to be friends with the demon boy.
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I did a little work on my latest nano novel. It's set in my demon hunters 1930s Alt history.

“You’ll have to wait here,” the butler said, eyeing the uniformed demon hunters the way most people looked at a beggar.

Caleb smoothed his jacket knowing there were no wrinkles or dirt, but it certainly felt like there should be the way this man looked down his nose. Temple was just as proper in his blues and the two Knights Templars were even more pristine in their whites with black crosses. They shouldn’t have to bluff their way past anyone. Most governments, and certainly the United States, had provisions that ensured cooperation with demon hunting organizations. Being rich didn’t change that in theory but theory was all too often wrong.
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Just a snippet from this year's big bang, from the Soldiers of the Sun series. The team is in the Carneige Museum's dinosaur exhibition going after demons.

“Damn it, I think I winged Dippy,” Temple cursed.

“What the hell is Dippy?” Agni asked, scooping up a fallen chakram, whirling it ceiling wards again.

“Him.” Temple pointed with his gun muzzle at the Diplodocus on display. “I love Dippy.”
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Another six sentences from my holiday story in Dreamspinner's Advent calendar, Peace in the valley

John would have sworn they had just fallen asleep when his cell phone woke them. A faint glow of the breaking dawn hid behind the curtains as he fumbled for the phone. “Ianetti here,” he muttered, his voice thick with sleep. “Yeah… well, damn. I’m about forty minutes out. I’ll be there when I can.”

buy it
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Have another little taste of my advent calendar short story for dreamspinner press, Peace in the Valley which I'm assuming might have been yesterday's story of the day because of the huge jump in reviews on goodreads!

John and Anthony are home here after a rough day at work.

John fished for the TV remote. “What would you like to see?”

“If you put on It’s a Wonderful Life again, you’re going to need a paramedic and an ER nurse.” Anthony flashed a toothy smile.

John made a face at him. “You werewolves, always so violent.

And if you'd like to find the whole story (it's on sale!) head here
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Have a little teaser of my advent calendar story Peace in the Valley with Dreamspinner Press

Sir shook, making a low, pain-filled noise. The dog’s form began twisting and heaving, limbs reforming, fur withdrawing, face and tail shortening until there was nothing left of the hound. In his place was a very shapely, very naked man on all fours.

John knew Sir—no, Anthony Cornpeach—didn’t like for him to stare at his ass just after a transformation, but he couldn’t help it. It was so round, tight, and just plain perfect, if a bit fuzzy.

“I could still kill you for telling everyone my name is Sir Barksalot.”

And DSP is having sales all month. Right now they're having all in stock paperbacks and audios on sale 20% off and from the 6th to the 12th all holiday books will be on sale. That should include my vampire short story Crisis in Faith and my novella The Darkest Midnight in December holiday sale here
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Just a bit more from my nano novel Soldiers of the Sun

It wasn’t quite the same as holding Agni. Temple was leaner and even close like this, his energy burst forth. He squirmed while Agni could sit like a statue. “Why do I doubt that’s all you want?”

Temple kissed him, his hand moving between Caleb’s legs, rubbing him. “Because you know me.”
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A little from my nano novel with is a sequel to The Darkest Midnight in December I think my demon hunting boys are going to think I'm never going to write them a story when they're not freezing to death.

It's January 1932 and they're on the midnight patrol in Pittsburgh. No one is happy about it (it might be clear but the threat Taglioferro made was of neutering should Temple touch his niece, Jo).

“Taglioferro is not going to have to worry about his threat against me,” Temple said. “One night of this, and my best assets are going to freeze off.”

“Really Temple? In front of a lady?” Caleb rolled his eyes.

“All I’m saying is by the end of this night, I might be a lady,” Temple growled.
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These six sentences are also for the veterans. It's from Kept Tears and Aaron has just woken from a dream-memory of the explosive amputation of his arm, the first time his PTSD has manifested so solidly in front of his new lover.

“Do you have someone to call when stuff like this happens? I don’t know the protocol.”

Aaron went over to the bed. “I can call my buddy from my CSRP Group, but it’s the middle of the night.”

“I’d think that’s to be expected when dreams like this hit,” Sebastian replied and Aaron knew he was being ridiculous. Of course, calls in the middle of the night were part and parcel with coping with PTSD, but it felt different when his dreams affected more than just him
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Have a little of my nano (same universe as in my icon). The nano is going fairly well. Not so much today as work interfered but still

"Keep talking, Temple, and your boyfriend for tonight will be found at the end of your wrist,” Caleb volleyed back.

“Ouch, you can be so mean.”

Caleb couldn't hide his grin. If baiting Temple made him less morose, Caleb was happy to do it. It was so very easy to get his goat anyhow. “You love it when I am.”
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Aaron got his wish and met his lover's daughter. However, the meeting with the Tylwyth Teg little girl isn't going as planned (from Kept Tears)

Briallen took that as her cue. She jumped out of her father’s arms and ran over to grab Aaron’s hand. “Can I keep him, Dad?”

“He’s not a pet, Briallen.” Sebastian pinched the bridge of his nose.

“But I like him and I want to keep him!”
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This takes place while Aaron is in the fae realm. Bird song woke him up but he's not entirely sure he heard an actual bird.

Aaron opened his eyes and saw something even worse than a garuda or a hungry phoenix in his room. At the foot of his bed a young girl rested with her back on the high thick poster of the foot board. Her dress made him think someone had mated the colors of a sari with the frills of Loli. Golden curls spiraled down her back and her blue eyes regarded him with great interest. It was at that point he remembered he’d gone to bed naked because his clothes had been so sweaty and stinky.

Thank god the blankets were still tucked around him.
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Here's a little bit after Aaron has been rescued (from Kept Tears)

You look exhausted, Aaron. Guess you’re not up to go home on horseback.” Bryn patted Aaron’s shoulder gently.

“There are horses?” Aaron glanced around but saw nothing. With his luck, it was a Pegasus or a goddamn unicorn.
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Here's 6 rather cryptic sentences taking place during a kidnapping attempt as Alberich tries to drag Aaron into the fae realm

Aaron grabbed one of his ridiculously thick biology books and slammed it across the man’s face then did it again, taking him down. The fae bellowed. Blue blood, like a horseshoe crab’s copped-based blood, spurted from the fae’s nose. The man crawled toward Aaron, making him stumble back.

Loosing his footing as his bad leg hitched, Aaron pitched over, landing not on his floor but on a grassy knoll. Aaron rolled toward the lake, digging his heels in, painfully.
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A little bit more from Kept Tears. Corrine and Aaron are talking about their partners.

"You men are nothing but trouble.”

Aaron smirked. “We are. You're lucky, in your intimate relationships, there's only one Y-chromosome bearing, testosterone victim. In mine, there're two of us.”

“Poor baby.”
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how about a little post orgasm chit chat between a soldier and his fae prince?

“Well, that was fun,” Sebastian said, crawling toward the headboard.

Aaron inched his way there, too, so he could rest his head on a pillow. “Hell yes. Now, what exactly did you do to me? It hit me like a PDE inhibitor.”

“Just a little magically Viagra, more or less.”

(from Kept Tears)
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The Scarred Soldier story is now just a few scenes from a novel. Here's a snippet.

He took Aaron’s hand. “May I come back?”

Aaron considered it, still more than a little angry. However, he knew he really didn’t want to be alone this weekend. He’d be jumping at shadows for days as is. “Yes, but drive your own car back so we can leave when Mom gets here.”
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A bit more from the Scarred Soldier story, from the villain's pov (finally). Morcant has a lot to say really.

He looked like he was in shape and if it weren’t for the man’s right arm, Morcant could easily see why Myrddin wanted him. The sidhe couldn’t tear his eyes away from the arm. It was obviously prosthetic and yet it moved. He hadn’t realized the jumped-up monkeys had gotten so advanced in their technology. From where he was, Morcant couldn’t tell if the whole arm was gone or just part, but what did it matter? He was a disfigured freak.
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And a little inner debate on naming a character.

But first, what the subject header promised, my six sentences, still from my lamentably still untitled holiday story.

"It’s snowing.”

“That’s what it should do on Christmas,” John murmured.

Anthony hummed affirmatively. “So it should.” He pressed his lips to John’s. “You’re the best present I got this year.”

The inner debate on character names is for a totally different story. The half demon boy needs a name other than the one his human mother gave him. I was thinking he was named rather ironically after an angel.

Narrowed it down to two lesser known ones.

Raziel The keeper of secrets. The character is a seer. The upside is, Raziel is an interesting angel to be named for, the down side is Raziel has, believe it or not, a rather busy fictional life already.

Ramiel who is, in some of the acrophya, a fallen angel himself. He is also the angel of hope and presides over true visions. This would tie in to the characters power and to a plot twist he told me about but it wouldn't come into play until book two and frankly I'd like to shoot the next imaginary character in my head who starts telling me the sequel before finishing book one.
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From the holiday short story I'm working on, six rather lengthy sentences. See what you think of them. Do they interest you?

He'd grown up among his tribe, the Ute as the history books called them, the Nuciu in their own language, in southern Colorado, exposed not only to some crazy strict Christians but also his own people's beliefs. Anthony preferred the latter but John and his big Italian family were Catholic. He gave them credit for not giving him shit about his beliefs and he did the same for them. His and John's house burst with Christmas crap. The first time, back in their apartment, when he left John have full rein Anthony had been somewhere between horrified and amused that his otherwise rugged lover was a collector of Snow Men and Santa Clauses. Everywhere he looked around the living room snowy and jolly faces stared back.


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