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I am very happy to say Nine Star Press gave me a contract for my Christmas Steampunk short story. It's a thrill to see someone not only want my unusual story but also hoped there might be more in this universe.

This is a very nice feeling. I hope that the readers will love it as much.

But it's more than just a short story sale. I'm making connections with another publisher and that is a good thing.

I need to, once I get Blood Red finally over and done with (hopefully soon), edit through those two novellas of mine and try them again.

I've also noodled a bit with These Haunted Hills so that's good.

I've not accomplished all I wanted to this week but it's been a good week regardless.

What's New

Apr. 12th, 2015 04:55 pm
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I should probably think of a nice cohesive title for updates on what I've been up to now that What's Up Wed. is defunct.

Anyhow, I do have a lot of newish things to talk about. I got round two edits for my story Wolf in the Fold that will be out in Wayward Ink's Of Heaven and Hell anthology. Again mostly just small stuff. I'm glad that story seems to be standing up well on its foundations.

I got the cover specs for Soldiers of the Sun which is both fun and a little intimidating. The hardest part really is the innocuous even fun sounding question of 'what would your dream cover look like?' and that's when you realize, you do not have an artistic knack. I might as well be staring at one of these bland beige apartment walls because I can't imagine it. What I can imagine sort of highlights the disconnect between what I think this novel is vs what it'll be sold as. Primarily it will be listed as romance. However, what runs through my head are all the intense battle scenes that make up a 1930s demon hunter novel. I could imagine a battle scene cover without much trouble but will that successfully sell something billed as romance? I do not know. I do know a cuddly, 'sexy' cover doesn't capture how I feel about the novel. Big dilemma.

But the biggest news is that in hammering out what it means to be a story in the Soldiers of the Sun series, Dreamspinner is going to rerelease my short story, Snowbound. A little history here: Snowbound was one of the first stories I ever sold to DSP and it was for their now OOP anthology, Necking. It introduced Temple, Caleb and Agni after a battle that claimed Temple's partner and brings them together as a threesome. (It was a m/m/m anthology). But those boys weren't content with a short story. They had so much more to tell.

Originally I had intended for the novella, The Darkest Midnight in December to be in the Christmas advent calendar but it wasn't really a sweet Christmas story. It's technically, in part, about an old school Christmas tale where naughty kids are kidnapped and eaten. Also about that time, DSP decided anthology stories needed to be stand alone characters (which makes sense). I asked would they like it as a novella if I expanded it. They did and it's technically a prequel to Snowbound and in it there isn't a threesome but two couples, Agni/Caleb and Temple/Li.

So here comes Soldiers of the Sun and it's a sequel to both of those. While Snowbound, The Darkest Midnight in December & Soldiers of the Sun are all stand-alone, it would be helpful to read them in order. (There are two other freebie stories lying around too. I need to get them polished and put up where people could find them and use them as enticements this summer). So Snowbound will be rereleased this summer as well with a little bit of an edit since it's been awhile. That is very exciting.

And they decided that I could use Soldiers of the Sun for the novel and the umbrella title. That makes me happy.

And in non-writing news, me and my student's research was well received at the Academy of Science presentation. That is also happy-making. It's been a tough year so far so I'm glad I have this going right for me.
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In the middle of a brutal finals week, I just got the best news. I just signed a contract with Dreamspinner for Soldiers of the Sun. I'm so excited because this one I worried about like you can't believe. 1930's setting, urban fantasy and m/m/m to boot. Also it's more action/adventure than romance. Seriously. It also deals with some heavy topics, but hey I got to introduce a strong female character into the mix as well so that was fun.

It's slated to be due out next summer August/September. I'm scared at what the first round of edits will look like. I'll probably be under my desk gibbering to myself more than normal.

I'm SO glad that Caleb, Agni and Temple get to ride again. I ever so thoughtfully wrote these out of order chronologically. The first was Snowbound which was directly ahead of this novel (as in where this short story ended, the novel begins). So I desperately need to get that website going because Snowbound was in a now out of print anthology Necking and I'll want to have a downloadable version of it.

And the novel is the sequel to The Darkest Midnight in December a novella set in Old Economy Village outside of Pittsburgh in Ambridge. I had fun research this one. It was meant as an advent calendar short that missed by a country mile. It needed to be the novella it is and hey, it is a Christmas story of sorts if you want another holiday story to read. Temple had a different partner in this one, Fu Li and it's actually two gay couples and not the threesome Snowbound and Soldiers of the Sun are.

Here's the little 'blurb' I had for the cover letter.

Caleb Davies and Agni Pradesh are worried about their team mate and lover, Temple Chevalier. Not only has he lost his long-time partner, Fu Li, and nearly died fighting a demon himself, his new partner on their Soldiers of the Sun team is a young woman, Guiseppina “Jo” Allegri. Jo happens to be General Taglioferro’s niece, and their boss looks to them to make sure she’s treated like any other soldier. That is a minor worry to Caleb and Agni, who are far more concerned that their three-way relationship with Temple exists less because he loves them and more because he’s hiding from the pain of Li’s loss.

1932 shapes up to be a terrible year for the soldiers as they welcome the new year fighting demons and then ended up investigating a case with international roots. Those roots bring Temple’s family to the States, and, having the Knights Templar throwing in their support would normally be a good thing. However, Temple has been estranged from his family, proud Knights one and all, for years, and all that pain piles onto what he’s already suffering. Worse, the case leads right to Astaroth, a Prince of Hell, who might just prove to be an unbeatable foe.

So very excited.

Happy Yule to ME!
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Just before I got behind the wheel for the long drive back to my apartment after nearly three months, I learned that Dreamspinner purchased my short story The Light of Winter for the advent calendar! I'm so very happy. I am not a contemporary fiction writer but I decided I wanted to try and spread my wings a little this year. My first attempt was a swing and a miss back in the spring but this one found a home.

Even though it is contemporary there is still a hint of magic to it. The two characters, Gareth and Warun are both Welsh and looking for a way back to each other. Stressful work schedules has put a strain on their relationship. Also, they are two very different men (both holding doctorates, one medical, the other a pHd). Warun is half African, half Thai and was raised by a devout Christian father (who is accepting of his gay son).

Gareth's family on the other hand are practicing pagans, Druids. Gareth has been slow to share his Yule traditions (Alban Arthan for Druids) with Warun. This story is about their reconnection and sharing their faiths.

It takes place mostly in Angelesy set at one of the places I did research on when I was there as a research fellow.


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