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Have another little taste of my advent calendar short story for dreamspinner press, Peace in the Valley which I'm assuming might have been yesterday's story of the day because of the huge jump in reviews on goodreads!

John and Anthony are home here after a rough day at work.

John fished for the TV remote. “What would you like to see?”

“If you put on It’s a Wonderful Life again, you’re going to need a paramedic and an ER nurse.” Anthony flashed a toothy smile.

John made a face at him. “You werewolves, always so violent.

And if you'd like to find the whole story (it's on sale!) head here
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Whoo Hoo. Dreamspinner Press's pirate anthology is out today. If you want some hot m/m sex on the high seas (or in a sea of stars) check it out here. It's also available in paperback form (just click on new releases to find that link).

I'm always thrilled with every new release and this is no exception. My story is the Ghost of Jupiter and I think I might have posted this before but here it is again, the blurb - Alessandro Bellimo loves privateering for the Confederation of Planets. The high of a prosperous raid quickly fades when Al learns the haul turns out to be containers of transgenic warriors, chimeras, slated for illegal fight arenas. Al has to wait for Captain Rollins and the military to take control of his unusual booty but in the meantime, some of the chimera prove to be civilized.

Telek, one of the chimera, sees the Ghost of Jupiter as his first glimpse of freedom. He finds himself attracted to Al, the first person to ever show him kindness. Telek fits into ship life, exploring his new found feelings for Al but it's not all smooth sailing.

Hanne, the scientist who created and enslaved him is trying to get Telek back; the military wants to take him with them. There are battles to fight if Al wants to keep Telek with him. Telek will do anything to stay where his heart has found its home with Al and the Ghost of Jupiter.

here's a taste of the story, Telek's tale )

here's a taste of the story, Al's tale )
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I figured it might be nice to have a little teaser for Crisis in Faith. Vampires in Vegas. Decorating for Christmas because that always goes so smoothly.

Snippet of Crisis )

If you'd like to find the storyhead here

And thank you to Dreamspinner for tweeting about it. That's much appreciated.
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Crisis in Faith

This story is one of those that meant a lot to me writing it. I've had these characters in my head for years, looking for a format that seemed to work for them. For a long time I was enamored of the rural Cajun lifestyle but setting this in New Orleans (and later anywhere in Louisiana) was just not cutting it. After going to Vegas, I said this is where this needs to be. This is perfect for Arrigo, whose been a vampire since days in the Roman legion.

It was less perfect for Luc, the young Cajun but the horrors of Katerina and the mass relocations unfortunately allowed me a gritty realism in transplanting this young man to Vegas. While I'm still very much working on their first meeting (something that never did work well in the short story setting), this takes place a few months after Luc was made a vampire against his will.

As much as he loves Arrigo, he doesn't love being a vampire and when a cure might be at hand, he has to chose between the two (well in his head. Arrigo has no plans of dumping him but sharing immortality would definitely be out the window).

I hope you all like Luc and Arrigo as much as I do. Thanks for listening and for reading if you decide you'd like to see vampires in crisis over the holidays.
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check it out. Crisis in Faith, coming soon

Yes that makes me very happy. Like I said, these two have been with me a long time (since 93 to be exact) in various incarnations. I'm glad they are finally getting their time in the sun moon.


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