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To all my friends who celebrate. Here's to peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.

Unfortunately I got derailed on the 12 days of writing because of my aunt's death but here's the last one

Day 12 - What or who inspired you to write? What does it mean to you? Has writing changed who you are as a person? Reflect and write!

Star Wars and Star Trek. No lie. I started as a fanfiction writer and I started with these two fandoms before moving into Elfquest. I'm not ashamed of being a fanfic writer. I have met some amazing people. They have been a touchstone stone for me. I have a built in audience and first readers.

Writing is what keeps me sane. you hear a lot of authors say that I do mean it. It is what lets me work out issues. It gives me a world to escape into. I wouldn't be me without writing.I've been doing it since I was 10 years old and hope to do it until I'm 110. I might take a break then.
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Firstly Happy Chanukha to all my friends who celebrate.

day 9 Many people are strong believers in New Year’s Resolutions. What if your favourite literary character made resolutions…what would they be? Do you think they would want to change careers or lose 10lbs? Get creative, write and above all HAVE FUN! :)

Hmmm I think a good resolution would be for John Watson would be to get Sherlock into rehab or at the very least stop enabling his cocaine habit. I'm not sure Sherlock would approve.
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Day 8 - Everyone has moments in their lives when they shine, when their accomplishments have been recognized and it is obvious that their hard work was worth it.What was your proudest moment? How did it feel? What did you learn from it? What will your next moment look like?

When I graduated medical school. I can't even recall what it really felt like. Surreal, like it was suddenly just OVER. Eight years of my life and a quarter of million dollars later, I'm standing on a stage listening to the Cleveland Orchestra playing our graduation music for us. I walked across the stage and my favorite professor put a green hood around my neck and the scary realization set in. I'm no longer a student. People's lives were in my hands. In a few weeks I was going to NYC. My parents were so proud. We went to my after graduation party then raced home so I could be maid of honor in my best friend's wedding then I jumped a plane to New Orleans to celebrate.

My next moment will be me selling a novel. I think that will be soon. At leastI hope it is.

From dreamspinner To close out the year with a bang, we're doing 12 Days of Christmas Savings, starting tomorrow through Dec. 31 with a different special each day. This info is usually only in their newsletter (but you don't need to get the newsletter to get the offer but it could be a fun newsletter to get)
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day 7 - Write a fairy tail based on your life.

One fine August, Geek Girl finally left behind the hell of high school, a place only made survivable thanks to friends in fandom and dungeons and dragons, and headed to college. Geek Girl found acceptance there. She pursued three degrees. She joined the band, the theatre, a sorority. After four fun filled years and two of the three degrees in hand, Geek Girl got to live her dream.

She went to medical school. Geek Girl was unprepared for just how hard it would be but she adapted along with her fellow med school inmates. Geek Girl graduated but back then too many had done the same and she had to battle for her residency. She spent one year in NYC and hated it. She spent the next year on an Lakota Reservation in SD and loved it.

Trechary and lies awaited her getting a job and a license. People wanted her to work for almost free. Some wanted fringe benefits. Finally she went to work for another lady doctor doing house calls but after a while, the boss turned into an evil (or at least drug addled) step mother so Geek Girl went jobhunting again.

Lady doctors were still eyed with a hint of disdain so with her unisex name, Geek Girl removed all traces of her gender from her resume and got hired in Madison WI. Geek Girl fell in love with the city. Hated what lawyers and malpractice were making of her dream job. then one day with one nerve damaging kick to the hand, Geek Girl's dream turned into a nightmare.

Unable to be the type of doctor she was, Geek Girl had to retrain. Functionally homeless she went to live with friends in the land of sun and roaches (i.e. Florida) and three years later she had a new job in the Appalachias.

So far the dream has been dulled. No prince charming ever showed up but the story isn't over.
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Day 6 You get the chance to spend the day with your favourite literary character. Write about your adventures with this character. Do you indulge in fine dining, or do you spend the day at an amusement park? Get creative, write and most of all have fun with it!

Okay one, i couldn't have picked a busier or worst time to play with something like this. I can't do more than half ass it. I would definitely spend the day with Strider and Legalos (yes I AM picking two) and since I'm an erotica writer we can imagine how I'd spend this day. Really the grand adventure would mostly be naked and those two in varying states of bondage.

Though it might get a little weird when Dracula and Sherlock Holmes show up later for the party.
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Day 5 - Sometimes when things go wrong you have to take a step back and find the humour in a situation. What was the strangest/most trying situation you have been in where you ended up laughing so hard it has actually become positive in reflection.Reflect and Write

my life is a comitragedy most of the time. It's hard picking just one event to talk about. While I'm unable to name names, I did m residency partially in a high security mental hospital which housed the criminally insane. One of my patients, a serialkiller and woman hater, slipped his handlers and punched me in the face screaming I had the eyes of Hitler and wanted to eat them.

I was pretty much terrified out of my mind until we got him back under control. Aftwards when the magntitde of what happened set in we started laughing and now people think I'm just a little bit badder than I am as a result.

Day Six If you could pick one mentor to help you reach your goals who would it be? What lessons would you hope learn from them? What would their training style be? What kind of protégé would you be?

For a mentor, I think I would have liked Gene Roddenberry. I only heard him speak once and naturally I love his work. I love his vision of a world where race and gender didn't matter. His imagination was wonderful. I'm a natural student. I've already earned more degrees than a thermometer. I would gladly have listened to all he had to teach. I'd have hoped to learn how to push the envelop and create characters that will be loved for decades.

I cannot speak to how he would hve taught but I'd have hoped to enjoy it.
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Honestly I'll be skipping day two. I've tried to think of a 'unique quirk' and write it but it's been a very bad week and I'm not really in the mood to get that creative, sad truth.

day three - acts of kindness. Yes there have been many but the best ones were two friends who opened their houses for me when I had no home. I was recovering from a career ending injury and one friend opened her home to me so I could afford to go back to school and have a place to live while doing it. After I finished, I had a temp job in teaching and another friend did the same. I wouldn't have made it through without them. I do try to pay it forward. I'm not sure I always succeed but I do try.
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I stumbled across writerzblox's 12 days of writing on twitter via Anna Tan (@natzers) and thought it would be fun

Chances are if you enjoy writing you also love to read a good book for inspiration. What books have inspired you to write and why?

I hate to say it my original inspiration to write wasn't books, it was my fannish roots. Star Wars, Star Trek & Elfquest (which is a graphic novel) got me writing as a kid.

I have a great love of mysteries so most of my inspiration came from there, Agathe Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Tony HIllerman definitely top that list. I was also impressed by Barbara Hambly because she did what I wanted to do. She moved between mystery, fantasy and urban fantasy genres without getting pigeonholed into one. She's still something I aspire to.

In the erotica realm, you know I mostly moved into this without much in the way of inspiration except for negative ones like Anne Rice's Roquelard books and a few other clinkers I've seen with utterly unrealistic sex scenes.


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