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Remember when I said I was thrilled to learn Kept Tears got an honorable mention in the the Rainbow awards and if the novel didn't move any further, I'd be happy?

Well Kept Tears is now a Finalist in Gay paranormal romance! I might have hurt something dancing around here. This is even better than the arrival of the fall temperatures yesterday (but that was really sweet).

I admit it. I went into this not expecting much not because I thought my story wasn't good but rather because I just don't have a lot of luck with things like this. This is my first novel. People are still finding their way to me and that's the really important thing. I think in some ways this has flown under the radar a bit, in spite of my efforts. Who knows maybe it'll get a little more notice now.

Do I expect to win? I have so much competition, I would be stunned. Sure I hope I will but I'm prepared for not. I really am just so thrilled to have gotten this far. I looked at the competition. I know most of the names. I've read several of these books and they're good, like Kim Fielding's Motel. Pool.. Speaking of which Ms Fielding will be on my blog in a week or so with her new stuff so be on the lookout for that.

If you haven't taken a chance on Aaron and Rhys and want to see what a fae and a disabled vet can get up to in the great city of Pittsburgh, check it out here. ebook & paperback And the ebook is even on sale!

If you want to talk to me, I'll be sitting here grinning.

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After a tedious (and painful, since i can't keep on my feet apparently), I came home to find out that Kept Tears got an honorable mention at the Rainbow Awards and the judge's comments were really sweet.

I'm thrilled. You all know how much this particular story means to me so I've very glad to get that. Even if the novel goes no further in the awards (and of course, I hope it does but there is all kinds of stiff competition out there), I will be happy.

I was feeling a little down about my writing yesterday. Maybe it's time to kick that little self-doubt demon to death. Aaron and Rhys have done good and I'm happy.

Also if you click on the link at the top of the awards blog you can see the post about the cover art vote. There is so much beautiful cover art out there. Makes me wish I had won the lotto so I could buy it all.
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My Story Cassadaga Nights won in the ghosts flash fiction contest at Paranormal Freebies Beyond the Veil bloghop

That is very exciting. Thank you.

I feel like such a bad blog hopper too because this research trip to Wales is draining me emotionally, physically and of all available time (not to mention being home with the parents). Nothing has gone right. Had I known I would have been less eager to do it because I feel unfair that I can't hop around and comment to others.
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But before that, I'm happy that The Darkest Midnight in December seems to be selling a little so yay.

And Two Tickets to Paradise, a dreamspinner press anthology (my story is Haunted) has been nominated for a Rainbow Award for best gay romance. That is so cool.

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

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Someone mentioned it on my author's list, Cross Bones, the pirate anthology my story, Ghost of Jupiter is in, is up for best erotic fiction at the The Gaybie Awards. They celebrate the best in gay movies and literature.

How cool is that? It's open for voting now. I've never (at least to my knowledge) been included in a nominated anthology.


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