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Finally almost all the edits are done. Technically, I suppose they ARE done and anything I have left to do or say about it is minor things on the galleys that arrived today. Yay. This is getting closer to publication date.

I'm mostly just waiting to do a cover reveal now. I'm not sure who is doing the art and I haven't seen the line art yet but I'm looking forward to it.

I put a lot of work into this one, a steampunk mystery novella and I hope people will have fun with it when it comes out May/June.


Jan. 13th, 2014 10:51 pm
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Flails around and does the happy hippos from Fantasia dance

Ahem, what I mean to say is Kept Tears is on the coming soon page. How exciting is that?

Here's the final cover. Isn't it gorgeous?  photo KeptTearsFS_zps5b85b721.jpg

I'm quite in love with it. Rhys is the blond and the ex-Army medic with the prosthetic arm is, Aaron.

Blurb: Having left most of his arm and his self-confidence behind in the Afghanistan desert, young veteran Aaron Santori has enough on his plate learning to use his prosthetic arm. Attending graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh makes life both interesting and challenging. Mentally, he's ill prepared for meeting Rhys Edwards, a young-adult novelist from Wales and everything Aaron could want in a man. Between the scars from the explosion and his PTSD, he’s reluctant to date. Ready or not, though, Aaron finds himself jumping into the deep end of the relationship waters.

What Aaron couldn’t possibly know is that Rhys isn’t human at all. As a prince of the Tylwyth Teg, Rhys is fae, with a list of enemies he’s accumulated over the past few centuries—among them a former lover, Morcant, who is back to make Rhys’s life miserable. An unwitting pawn in their Machiavellian fae politics, Aaron only knows he’s falling in love, never suspecting love might be his death sentence.

find the ebook here

and the paper back here

Squeals in joy.
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In my case it looks a lot like the hippos in Fantasia but it's being done. I have a lot of reasons to be doing it tonight. Check it out:

100 Things #73- The Author Happy dance )
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I did check with DSP on a few things. My publication date is Jan 27th. Wow. I need to wrap my head around that.

I haven't heard back from the art dept but it is the weekend and it's only been 24 hours. I did mention that when I was told it would go on the coming soon page as soon as they got the final art, that I've seen no art at all.

But at least now I know when the publication date is and that's important. I feel a little better now.
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Have another little taste of my advent calendar short story for dreamspinner press, Peace in the Valley which I'm assuming might have been yesterday's story of the day because of the huge jump in reviews on goodreads!

John and Anthony are home here after a rough day at work.

John fished for the TV remote. “What would you like to see?”

“If you put on It’s a Wonderful Life again, you’re going to need a paramedic and an ER nurse.” Anthony flashed a toothy smile.

John made a face at him. “You werewolves, always so violent.

And if you'd like to find the whole story (it's on sale!) head here
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Once Upon a Time in the Weird West anthology

Love Wins(charity anthology benefiting the Pulse shooting victims)

Love is Love Poetry anthology (charity anthology benefiting the Pulse shooting victims)

Soldiers of the Sun published with Dreamspinner Press as part of my Soldiers of the Sun Series (see also Snowbound and The Darkest Midnight in December) . buy it here in paperback or here as an eBook

Snowbound published with Dreamspinner Press. buy it here

A Wolf in the Fold published with Wayward Ink Press as part of their Of Heaven and Hell anthology buy it here - OOP

The Light of Winter published with Dreamspinner Press as part of their 2014 Advent Calendar. buy it here

Nothing But Himself published with Less than Three Press. YA paranormal. Project Fierce charity Anthology, Everyone Deserves a Home

Triskelion free (but you have to be a member of M/M Romance to see it)

If Two of Them Are Dead published with Dreamspinner Press. Steampunk/mystery, m/m buy it here

Kept Tears published with Dreamspinner Press. Urban Fantasy, m/m set in Pittsburgh. find the ebook here

and the paper back here

The Darkest Midnight in December novella ebook (m/m erotic, historical paranormal)

Peace in the Valley part of Dreamspinners 2012 Advent calendar Peace in the Valley (m/m erotica, werewolf)

Crisis in Faith short story ebook (m/m erotic, urban fantasy)

Ghost of Jupiter in Dreamspinner Press’s anthology, Cross Bones ebook & paperback (m/m erotic, SF)

Haunted in Dreamspinner Press’s anthology, Two Tickets to Paradise ebook & paperback (m/m erotic, urban fantasy)

A Brief Respite web-based
m/m erotic, historical paranormal, sequel to The Darkest Midnight in December and Snowbound, Freebie!)

Unquiet Ghosts in Circlet’s anthology, Like a Sacred Desire ebook
(f/m erotic, fantasy)

Mysterious Spirit (m/m erotic, BDSM, fantasy) - Sorry OOP.

Snowbound in Dreamspinner Press’s anthology, NeckingThe Darkest Midnight in December) Sorry it's now OOP but now rereleased, see above.

In the Hands of Gods in Dreamspinner Press’s anthology, A Brush of Wings (historical m/m erotic, paranormal) Sorry it's now OOP.
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I'm so very excited! My demon hunters have gotten their own novella.

Check it out. purchase me here (feel free to share link with anyone you'd think would like it)

The Darkest Midnight in December is the prequel to my stories Snowbound which was in the anthology Necking and A Brief Respite which was given out as Halloween candy last October. It's set in the Pittsburgh area in the 1930's, with one key difference: everyone knows demons are real and demon hunting organizations exist to keep the populace safe. Caleb, Temple, Agni and Li are all Soldiers of the Sun, risking life and limb to protect the innocent from the demons.

I'm also being promoed on two blogs today for my release. Check them out and DO check out all my hostesses' great stories while you're there!

Lily Sawyer and
Shira Anthony Thank you both very much for the help!

NSFW excerpt )

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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

#5 the galley proof dance of joy. Honestly there doesn't really even need to be a blog post about this. Obviously this is the dance you do when you get your galley proofs back. Publication is so close you can taste it and feel the nerves starting. You're high on the excitement of the whole thing.

And then it hits you, darn, I have to reread this story. But I've already read it a dozen times in the editing it to send in AND the editing it after it was contracted stages. I'm sort of half-tired of reading the story but you have to do it, one. more. time.

then the dance of joy becomes a shuffle. It doesn't get back to looking like something from DWTS's (or in my case, the hippos from Fantasia) until after those galleys go back.

Needless to say, I got my galley proofs for my novella The Darkest Midnight in December and I'm excited and nervous. It's the longest thing I've had published in forever and the longest in the eformat. I'm hoping it does well. There are two other stories in this series out there but this is the prequel, my 1930's demon hunters. I love these boys. I hope others do too. The reviews for the two previous short stories with them were pretty good so I think it looks positive.
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In celebration of the publication of our 1000th title, we're discounting all our books over the next three weeks!

March 28-April 3 - All short fiction (daydreams and nap-size dreams) will be discounted 20%.
April 4-10 - All eBook anthologies will be discounted 20%.
April 11-17 - All paperbacks will be discounted 20%.

And this includes my two shorts, Mysterious Spirit a bondage/domination (light) swords& sorcery fantasy story (my first with DSP) and Crisis in Faith vampires in Vegas.
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Not only did Two Tickets to Paradise get here in hard copy form, it looks great. It'll probably take me forever to read it since i'm so slammed I'm not even sure which way is up.

Even more exciting, I got notice that soon I'll be getting my edits for my 1930's demon hunter novella The Darkest Midnight in December but it looks like it gets cover art. I'm thrilled. This is the longest thing I've published.

Now back to the grindstone for me.
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Check it out. It's a go! see blurb and pricing here

I'm looking forward to seeing the other stories in the anthology and hope people like mine. Naturally I had to have a paranormal twist to mine. It's called Haunted
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Haunted was just picked up for inclusion in Dreamspinner Press's Two Tickets to Paradise anthology. I was worried it was a typical vacation story. I mean, it wasn't set in the traditional vacation spots. They're on a working vacation. There are ghosts.

So I'm so pleased that Connor and Trestan have been picked up for publication. Trestan's name was also in fulfillment of my [livejournal.com profile] helpthesouth charity pledge so that makes me even happier.

And here's a huge thank you to both [livejournal.com profile] evil_little_dog and [livejournal.com profile] bobfish for their help in editing the story and for their suggestions in making it better during the writing process. Couldn't do it without you guys.

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The printed version of Campaigner Challenges 2011 is now available as a PoD

you can find it Here and the ebook version is Here

This anthology is of the flash fic created for challenges by campaign challenge authors and all the profits of this anthology will go to "Help Harry Help Others" which is a charity raising money to fight childhood cancers. It's a worthy cause and would make a neat holiday gift.
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I had been getting a little worried but today I came home after seeing a play written by a coworker to find out that The Darkest Midnight in December was picked up by Dreamspinner Press.

I can't even say how excited I am. I have fallen in love with Temple, Caleb, Agni and poor Li and I'm thrilled to get their third story out there. This time it's a novella, not a short story. I'll let you know more when I do.

Sadly I only have a rough draft on the my flash. The final copy was lost with the crashed computer.

Going to do a celebratory dance
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Halloween Howl from Dreamspinner Press

To celebrate Halloween, Dreamspinner is inviting people to come trick-or-treating at our web site. Thirty-one of our fantastic authors have donated free short stories. Search through the different pages on the web site for Gary the gargoyle. Each time you find him, click on him for a free download by the author whose page he's hiding on! And make sure to check out the end of each story for a discount code good any time in the next year.

Dreamspinner Press

This should all go live tomorrow I believe.

My story is A Brief Respite and follows my demon hunters, Temple, Caleb & Agni.

How Cool

Sep. 27th, 2011 10:17 pm
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I must have missed an email but Dreamspinner Press picked up A Brief Respite for their Halloween 'candy' short story series (a new story every day). I'm really excited.

I love Temple, Agni and Caleb, my 1930's demon hunters in Pittsburgh and I'm glad they get to ride again. I need to finish fine tuning their novella and get that in there too since it is Christmas themed.

Whoo hoo

Jun. 9th, 2011 10:55 am
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I'm very happy. Dreamspinner Press bought Ghost of Jupiter for their Crossed Bones anthology. I was a little worried that it was too bloody/violent but I guess if you're doing a pirate anthology that is to be expected.

I'm really happy about this since I had wanted to do a story with these characters for a couple years now. I just needed the right impetus to get me moving and this was it. I could even fore see doing more with them in the future, in a longer work.

So wheee! Yay for publishing again.

The publication due date is mid-August.

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My story Mysterious Spirit has made the coming soon page at Dreamspinner and will be on sale very shortly. Yay.

Now I have all the worries of: will they buy it? will the readers like it? Do I even dare look at the reviews? (I might be too chicken for this but I have learned from my mistakes and others, do NOT confront bad reviews, just leave them be as hard as that is to do)

The contract for In the Hands of Gods is in the mail and that anthology is due out in march. I'll update you when I know.

I wish I could say I've made progress on my two new short stories but I haven't. I have no excuse really other than I'm not feeling well and stress at work. But the real culprit is lack of self discipline. I get too involved with trying to make my dial up work and it takes hours. I know better but I can't seem to help myself. Sigh.

but still, this is good news for the stories that have been bought. Wish I knew what happened to Unquiet Ghosts as far as I know that has never been put out.


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