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Usually it's my characters breaking into my meditation on the days I'm being monkey minded while trying to slide into the gap. I've been doing the meditation challenge offered by the Chopra Center, feeling like I needed an extra boost since my surgery last year really knocked me around a bit.

I'm used to the characters thinking this is a perfect time to talk and to the cats realizing I'm suddenly motionless where they have access to me and must investigate. What I'm not used to is having my mind set put off by the guided meditation's leader's pre-meditation speech. In these challenges, they usually have someone to dispense a little wisdom and what not to you. This time is on love and forgiveness. I'm not sure if they repeated a meditation or it's really just that scripted this time but this is the second time we've been told that if we had a bad upbringing it's not our fault (true) and it's not our parents' fault. They were doing their best for where they were spiritually in life and that just annoyed me.

That's too easy. That let's some really bad behavior off the hook. I'm not sure that's the intention. Maybe it is since the topic is forgiveness. Maybe I've been writing abused characters a little too long but when your parents are slapping you around or doing worse, they weren't doing the best they could.

hmph, I prefer being monkey minded by horny demonhunters, mages and heck plain old demons while I'm meditating (or having the cat chew my toes mid-stream) than trying to find my center when I'm thinking about really bad behavior being forgiven as doing 'the best they could.'


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