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Something of a slightly adult nature from my scarred soldier story.

Pool sex, well kinda )
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I have my six sentence sunday plus some fun extra stuff.

The sentences are from my scarred soldier story. Aaron is talking with his therapist.

A flush rose up Aaron’s face and he glanced away mumbling, “I’m seeing someone.”

“What was that?”

He could hear a subtle hint of glee in her tone. “I have a boyfriend.” Aaron bit his bottom lip. “Wow, that’s the first time I’ve said it out loud."


As part of our fifth birthday, all books (including in stock paperbacks) by the authors who signed with us in our second year of business will be discounted 35% through midnight on Saturday, May 12. Those authors include M. Jules Aedin, Maria Albert, Mickie B. Ashling, Sienna Bishop, S. Blaise, Steven Blue-Williams, Bethany Brown, Janey Chapel, J.M. Colail, Jaymz Connelly, Lisa Marie Davis, Remmy Duchene, Reve Garrison, Aly Graham, Andrew Grey, Ashlyn Kane, Sean Kennedy, J.M. McLaughlin, Michael Powers, Angela Romano, Isabelle Rowan, Steve Sampson, Ian Sentelik, Jane Seville, Alexi Silversmith, Jenna Hilary Sinclair, Dan Skinner, Sasha Skye, Jaxx Steele, Jaelyn Storm, and G.S. Wiley.

This way to the sale

and this is interesting. The Independent Author network check it out if you'd like to see some Indy authors
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From The Darkest Midnight in December (which should be out some time in the next 8 weeks).

Giving up on the soap, Caleb rinsed and turned the shower off. He reached for his towel, jumping when it flopped into his hand. He hadn’t noticed his partner had come into the room.

Agni grinned at him. “I didn’t get here fast enough. I was going to find you before you got in the shower.”
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Just another bit from my scarred soldier story.
Bruno, as suspected, boiled right out of the house. The sleek black dog with a lab head and a Dane body, pranced around licking Aaron and damaging anything that came too close.

“That is not a dog,” Kyle said.

“Of course not. He’s my mother’s third and favorite son.” Aaron rubbed Bruno’s large head.
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This is from Kept Tears, just after Aaron wakes up from a night terror.

“God, oh god, my arm hurts.” Aaron tried to rub the most painful area, grabbing nothing but air. “Damn, hurts so much.” He squeezed his eyes shut against the waves of pain, as agonizing as the moment his arm had been torn from his body.

“Is there anything I can do?” Sebastian rubbed Aaron’s back.
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Another bit from the Scarred Soldier story.
"Can you fight?” Aaron eyed Sebastian, thinking the man had never struck him as a fighter but then again, how much did he truly know about Sebastian.

“I’ve been in a lot of battles. I’m good. I just prefer not to. As a Royal, I was raised to fight because I will always be doing it.”
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This is from my Scarred Soldier story. The bar is a real place in Pittsburgh (okay technically Lawrenceville)

"The brew pub is inside an old Catholic church?" Sebastian asked incredulously.

"The Church Brew Works. It's a really neat space, good beer," Aaron replied.

The vaulted Cathedral ceilings gave the pub an immense feel. Aaron found himself relaxing once they'd ordered and two dunkels had been served up. The beer was as good as he remembered.
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This is from my Scarred Soldier story. Aaron has just met Sebastian and the latter doesn't know the prosthetic arm Aaron sports is a 'Luke' arm.

I wanted to be a doctor, went to the army to pay for it and instead ended up a medic. Things went sideways from there.” Aaron gestured with his prosthetic hand and Sebastian’s green eyes widened. “Ah, you didn’t expect it to move.” Aaron grinned.

“No, I did not.”
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Since I've just completed the first round of edits from my novella The Darkest Midnight in December have the opening six sentences.

“How many babies have gone missing?” Li asked.

Caleb tapped the briefcase holding a stack of files given to him by General Taglioferro before they left their headquarters in Pittsburgh. “Three and several couples. The local priests and police think it’s all the work of demons.”

“I was too busy packing.” Temple patted the box that held his Tommy gun and ammunition.
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This bit is from my scarred soldier story. I'm still praying to get this done.

At least the young man was a reader. Sebastian knew his beloved store would be going the way of the hay penny fairies eventually, already beginning his mourning. Not everything was better on line.

Of course, he was old enough to remember when the humans first developed moveable print but he’d only been a child at the time. Aaron’s otherness should have been his first clue that this date he’d just set up was a bad idea but Aaron would hardly be Sebastian’s first human lover. He did have a weakness for them.
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This is the opening of my Scarred Soldier story (tentatively titled Kept Tears). I guess what I'd like to know is would these six sentences make you want to read on?

Once he eased his topcoat over his prosthetic arm, decked out to look like it ran on steam and gears, Aaron glanced into his mirror, feeling handsome again. Since the war that took his arm, he felt ugly until he got into character and headed off to his favorite club. In his steampunk garb, he was like a wildly colored creature pulling forth from the chrysalis.

Even the miasma of fog rolling off the river didn’t dampen Aaron’s spirits as he went into the club. It was a step back into a time that never quite existed. He was early. It would be while before his friends arrived. By some karmic synchronicity, Aaron spotted one the hottest men he’d seen in, well, ever.
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Here's another six sentences from Haunted which is out in paperback this week in the anthology Two Tickets to Paradise

“I'm in love with an insane man,” Connor lamented.

Trestan frowned a little. He'd been worrying more and more that Connor no longer liked this work. When Connor shot him a perplexed look, Trestan schooled the worry off his face. He tucked in closer with Connor. “You said it.”

anthology info here
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This time we drop down into the middle of a sex scene from Haunted which is in Two Tickets to Paradise the anthology I was promoting all last week.

Trestan and Connor are trying to find a little time alone but the ghosts they're hunting want to play voyeur

sex )
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This is one I want to send to the geek love open call provided I can get it done in time. It's the first meeting of the two love interests. Sadly I have no title yet.

Darkness was only an hour away as Chiara and her students started to set up their work station. Chiara let them handle most of it to get the experience while she moved off into the trees trying to find likely candidates to be roosts for the hoary bat. She ran a hand over the rough bark of a conifer.

"I didn't expect people to be in these woods."

The peeved, unfamiliar voice spun her around so fast she nearly tripped on a root. Steadying herself, she looked down into green eyes that had an almost feral gleam.
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Here, have a little snippet from Haunted which will be out in a few weeks in Dreamspinner Press's Two Tickets to Paradise anthology.

Chuckling again, Trestan stripped the sock off Connor’s other foot, then dropped a kiss on its arch. His tongue tickled over Connor’s hot skin, working his way up to the blond’s ankle, his fingers working on the tight spots in Connor’s foot. Trestan hoped all the tension he felt in his lover’s leg was from the walking and not just over all stress of yet another pseudo-vacation.

“We haven’t even had dinner yet,” Connor muttered.

“I could always stop,” Trestan replied, nibbling the tip of Connor’s big toe.

“Didn’t say that.”

Also I really liked this post on creating back story and thought I'd share
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Finally getting back into this. How I keep forgetting it's sunday is anyone's guess.

This snippet is from a new short story hopefully to be sent to an anthology about lovers with scars. Aaron lost his arm in Iraqi and has been self conscious since his return home (and now has a "Luke" arm)

Sebastian planted a kiss against Aaron's lips.

Aaron got up, taking Sebastian's hand. "I know it's not very sexy or spontaneous, but I want to take this arm off. I don't know what might happen with it."

Sebastian slid an arm around Aaron's hip. "You worry too much about it. I understand. You do what you have to."
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From Haunted the story that just sold, here are the first six sentences.

“Now that’s a view worth the aggravation of getting here,” Trestan said, as the setting sun sparkled on Victoria’s inner harbor.

Connor stifled a yawn. “Twenty-one hours of rerouted flights to get here, all I see is my inner eyelids.”

“You might want to see the hotel.” Trestan nudged his lover. “The Empress is amazing.”
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This is a naughty bit from my novella The Darkest Midnight in December, the one I just sold to DSP

Agni & Caleb get frisky in the shower )
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This is from my short story Mysterious Spirit on sale as a Dreamspinner Press short story. it's a fantasy story with light bondage and submission elements.

Fine, he’s cute, if you must know.”

“Perfect, you’ll be busy distracting him and you’ll both die.” She rolled her eyes.

“I should be so lucky. I’m probably more in danger of you distracting the man and then I’ll be just as dead.” Deveran glanced at the large standing clock in the corner.
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This is from Mysterious Spirit the first short story (stand alone) I ever published with Dreamspinner Press.

Lochan’s rough fingers caressed Deveran’s neck, making him quiver then he closed the silver metal around Deveran’s throat. Deveran’s eyes fluttered shut at the sensation, sinking into himself, giving over. He missed this. Lochan stroked Deveran’s hair and the priest leaned forward against the man’s strong body. Deveran needed to let go of being in charge, of everyone looking to the mountain spirit inside him for help. He wanted to be the one taken care of, if only for a little while.

hope you enjoy.


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