Aug. 28th, 2017 09:30 pm
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Things like Harvey are gutting. The destruction is everywhere. Even if we're not directly affected we feel the pain of loss because we can imagine the horror of it all. Some of us know people in the path of the storm. I'm lucky enough to know my friends in Houston are okay (but they are still in Houston itself and more rain is coming). Others still don't know about their loved ones.

This is not the first (nor will it be the last) time we've all witnessed such things. The one thing I loved about fandom is their response to such tragedy, something needed when we have a president too busy fucking about on Twitter to do anything or so-called Christian leaders like Osteen who is quick to quote the Bible when it comes to silencing gays or women but forgets it when it comes time to help.

Fans have come together to raise money to do what little bit they can to help. I remember the charity auctions for Japan after Fukishima and here in the states after Katrina and Sandy. I wish I were still more active in fandoms but mine have gone quiet and I didn't really follow it to Tumblr much. Though I probably will have friends who'll direct me to them if they happen.

In the professional writing world we have that same sense of compassion and the desire to help, like last year with all the anthologies sold to help the victims of the Pulse shooting. Already some have gotten a start on helping. You can check out Queer Sci-Fi's post on the subject.

Not all of us can run to Texas to help. Not all of us can donate scads of money. But all of us can do a little something.
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A charity idea that started in the UK has spread to America. Giving books to the non or light reader to help get them interested in reading. check it out. World Book Night

I've signed up. I live in an area where reading isn't treasured. My college has @ 2000 students 800 of them are in a special class reading at a 6th grade level. I read at that level in kindergarten. It's crazy and as an author it really bothers me. I hope maybe to reach a few people.
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While I truly appreciate the faith my friends have in me, I'm going to offer up something a little more conservative this time. I have a very full writing schedule as is.

I'll be offering the chance to name a character in one of my upcoming stories and if you want, I'll dedicate it to you if it gets published.

check out my offer here


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