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I often work up character sheets for my characters because I tend to work on more than one thing at once and it helps me to keep the details straight. I actually had these ones lying around for a couple years as I kept back burnering the idea. But since I'm bringing this out for this year's nano, I blew the dust off of them and revamped them a bit because I've already changed several things in my mind. So here are the two protagonists of the lamely titled Behind Blue Eyes. Let me know what you think.

Dr. Aneurin Shyroth )


Kaleo )
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It's been another busy week here which is a good thing! One of the coolest things is I learned Snowbound will have cover art. I didn't expect that for a rereleased short story (It was in the acceptance stuff but I really didn't think that would happen. Shows what I know). I've sent in the cover art specs for it and I just got back the galleys for that. I'll go read that tonight.

I also just finished the galley proof read through of A Wolf in the Fold. I'm pretty sure Wayward Ink's anthology, Of Heaven and Hell will be out in about a month. The cover release party will be coming soon. I'll be sure to hook you all up with that info when I have it!

I sent back the edits for Soldiers of the Sun. Those were the easiest edits I have ever done. I'm getting really excited for this novel. It won't be out for a a few months yet but man this year is flying by. How is it Mother's Day already (and yes Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's on my list!)?

I'm still plugging away on Blood Red Roulette. I'm about to the point where I can put in vast amounts of what I wrote for Nano in November. Last week I brought you Arrigo Giancarlo so this week you can meet Luc. He's had a hard life. His mom 'walked out' years ago. Katrina took his home and his father stopped his and his brother's education in middle school back when they lived in the bayou. This left Luc tied tightly to his abusive relatives. They assume he's gay and they are homophobic rage-aholics so it's a tough life. He thinks meeting Arrigo is going to be the best thing that will ever happen to him. He has no idea what lurks in Arrigo's past waiting to strike.

It doesn't help Luc's somewhat waif-like  photo Luc_zps1riycwr8.jpg

 photo luc2_zpsohq1mxru.jpg

ANd some cool stuff going on here. Dreamspinner's having sales to celebrate their 8th anniversary. I've been with them a while now!

 photo DreamspinnerPressAuthorSince2010_FBbanner_zpsdysskp9f.jpg

So come check out the sale. Pick up something off my back list or from any number of the authors here! You're bound to find something cool. Check out Dreamspinner’s store

 photo Year3and4_FBpost_zpsalylh59u.jpg

ANd I picked up this link in a conversation on Queer Sci-Fi's comm today and thought I'd share it. It seems helpful. Unslimy marketing

Catching Up

May. 3rd, 2015 02:07 pm
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I've been wanting to do a weekly catch up post ever since what's up wednesdays closed up. I've not been doing great at that and I don't have a catchy title for it but I'm working on it. Anyhow let me get to the catching up.

1. I was reminded yesterday that my werewolf rescue 'dog' short story that ran in the 2013 Advent Calendar, Peace in the Valley is being translated into Korean. That is so beyond cool. I love the idea of this. I'll be getting an ebook of this. I'm hoping the cover is included in that because I want to see it. I'd love to see John and Anthony as a manhwa. A girl can dream, right?

2. I'm waiting second edits on Soldiers of the Sun and Snowbound. And I'm not sure if there'll be third edits on A Wolf in the Fold. Maybe, maybe not. We're getting close to a publication date on that. It's due in June. Woot!

3.I mentioned winning Campnano and I was working on Blood Red Roulette. This story is making me tear my hair out. Because I had to expand an old short story to get this one, I made an outline. I rarely do that because outlining usually manages to kill my stories dead. Don't ask me why. In this case I apparently made the outline while high or drunk or something. This thing is in a complete disarray. I'm not sure I have all the scenes in the most logical order yet and I just came across a scene that must go. To be fair it was one of the ones I wrote when I first started this story 20 years ago (yes, that's right, it's ancient). It looks like something a much younger self came up with. It's crap and crap need to be flushed.

I'm still working things out. I'm the type who wants to take as little artistic license as I can with real places. I didn't want to just invent places when I could use real ones. My biggest trouble isn't the Strip. That's so easy to research. It's the scuzziest sides of Vegas that I don't know, don't particularly want to know but need for this story. There is a certain amount of truth that the run down areas of most cities bear some resemblance to one another and I used to be an inner city home health doctor. I know the feel of that side of town. What I need to figure out is where in Vegas that is.

I did print out (because I can read and visual better on paper than the screen. Yes, I know that's a little old fashioned) the first nine chapters because that's where I might want to rearrange a few things. Well the first 13 but I'm still working on 10-13. I do plan to get this done this year. I need to. Wish me luck.

And how about some references for Arrigo Giancarlo

 photo arrigo 3_zpsoiybvrej.jpg

 photo arrigo 5_zpsqcqrdbb2.jpg

 photo arrigo 4_zps7lkz36xe.jpg

I'm using the actor Giulio Berruti as a reference for him. Quite a handsome fellow.
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Because I had CIS's for their sex life. After I got half way in, I decided I wasn't that fond of this cis but eh, I already had half finished so... Thoughts, suggestions etc. are welcomed. I described the story to my ML for camp nano and she really liked it. That makes me hopeful.

Aneurin's sexual preferences )

Kaleo's sexual preferences )
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I have two for each trying to cover a lot of bases (and get stuff down before I forget it). So come meet Aneurin and Kaleo and let me know what you think.

Aneurin Shyroth )

Kaleo )
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First off, here's my cover done by [livejournal.com profile] evil_little_dog THANK YOU. I am doing a sequel to The Darkest Midnight in December, Snowbound and A Brief Respite so it'll be the return of my 1930s demon hunters, Caleb, Temple and Agni. (You may have to click on the picture to see it in full thanks to the LJ layout I have)


And for fun, I worked up some character sheets for the boys plus Temple's new partner. Since they are long, I'll put them under the cut. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] winters_queen for the template for this.

Agni )

Caleb )

Temple )
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I was reading [livejournal.com profile] treelight's blog and she had a link to a writers workshop that sounded interesting. Building Believable Characters on Honey's blog. Who couldn't use a little more help with building characters? It sounded like fun.

The first challenge was :Exercise: Do a character sketch. I found this website, click on the word here, with some great suggestions for building characters.

Here's mine. I did this as a more of a sketch that would go into my notes for a story rather than a piece of the story. Let me know what you think. (This will be a m/m erotica/fantasy either novella or novel).

Meet Nine )


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