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Here are a few snippets of something new (short story) that I'm working on. They were written for a writing challenge on another site. The prompts are in bold. They're all for the same story which I'm considering doing for the Simmer anthology. It's set in Cassadaga Florida where I used to live.

Wine or chocolate: -“I was going to say we're gay not girlie but men do like wine and chocolate,” Santino conceded.

“Please, you're probably thinking of lapping the wine out of his navel and licking chocolate off his nipples.”

“I am nah, oh shut up!” Now that was all he could see was Ryan artfully splashed with wine and chocolate.

Outdoor Santino listened to the night. Crickets sang. Somewhere a couple dogs yapped. Bats flapped overhead while night birds swooped and climbed over the lake picking off the mosquitoes he heard buzzing everywhere. The birds and bats couldn't eat enough of them for Santino. If he got West Nile or dengue fever from this little trip, there'd be hell to pay. Of course Cam would laugh at him for even thinking it and probably tell him it was the tickets he had to worry about.

Rejuvenation Ryan found something rejuvenating about being in the large hall inside the Davis center. Energy thrummed through the building, through all of Cassadaga for that matter. The mostly unadorned hall was old wood and hummed with whispered conversation of those waiting for a reading mixing with those who were seated with psychics.


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