Mar. 25th, 2017

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Doing this on the fly today, just back from the Ohio Academy of Science: Science Fair (as a judge) and zooming off to a friend's play.

I'm sticking with These Haunted Hills This takes place directly after Brendan got a little uptight about being fan boyed over and Joshua assured him there would be no overt fanboying.

Tension relaxed in Brendan’s bearded jaw. “Thanks. I would love to go on a ghost hunt if you can arrange that.”

“Definitely. We can take you to a couple of places, the Moonville tunnel and of course the Crooked Pine hotel because that’s where we’ll be concentrating our efforts. I think it’s perfect for what you’re describing as the plot of your novel.”

“Excellent. So tell me more about Ash Cave.”

And here is inside the Moonville tunnel, some 'street art' of one of the ghosts that supposedly haunts the tunnel (she was killed by the train that ran thru the tunnel. I took this one on my own ghost hunt here. BTW, the hotel which will end up the haunted focus of the story, however, doesn't exist in the real world).

 photo 14706802_10155309621525410_9174240847757938826_o_zpsycbt9mck.jpg


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