Mar. 19th, 2017

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It's been a while I know since I've had anything of note to say here. My creativity has been utterly paralyzed. I have stories sitting in my head howling but when I sit to write the feelings of you can't do it right so why bother overwhelm me and I play online games instead.

I did do a little writing. I sent something in for Queer Sci-Fi's annual flash fic contest (check out their FB page for more details). It was the first idea that came to my mind quite some time ago when the theme of renewal was first announced and it came out mostly as I had envisioned it so I'm happy about that.

The last time wrote one of these I mentioned sending out Conned for ManLoveRomance's fae folk anthology and it was accepted. I'm SO happy. Actually I wrote that years ago for another anthology and it didn't fit. It languished around my hard drive all these years. What makes me very happy is this is the same elf character I've been noodling around with for decades. He and his family have made me very happy over the years but this was the first time I tried to publish one of his stories. I'm awaiting edits (and I already know a couple places they want me to expand). I'm looking forward to working with the editors at MLR as I've not worked with this publishing house before.

I should be getting the rights back to another old story that came out in Wayward Ink's Angels and Devils anthology now that the publishing house is folded. I'll probably just end up making that a free download.

I'm still working on congealing my Camp nano plot.

So yes, there is some good news but I still just don't feel much better about things in general but that is the nature of depression.


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