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2024-02-13 11:04 pm
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Free Story - A Brief Respite

And for you, a free story from me! This was originally a freebie on DSP's site for Halloween It's from my series on 1930's demon hunters and is m/m/m. While it is a stand alone it can be considered a sequel to my novella The Darkest Midnight in December ( blurb and purchase info here) and my short story Snowbound in Dreamspinner's anthology Necking ( blurb and purchase info here)

A Brief Respite )

Ah, wish I had time right now to construct a website so this could be a PDF download for you all.
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2017-09-24 10:15 pm
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Sunday Small Talk

I've been quiet because not much has been happening. I've been busy deep cleaning the house and tossing stuff in prelude to either moving or at least inspection by my new landlords and trying to keep my head above water with the new class.

But I did get the final edits on my steampunk Christmas story. I felt SO bad because somehow there was a problem with the file. I think having to convert it (using libreoffice) from Docx to the old doc file because my parents' computer still has the 2003 Word on it caused issues that forced the publisher to redo ALL the formatting. I know it's not exactly my fault but it still made me feel like an ass.

Hopefully though the next you hear of this I'll have the cover and the pre-order links.
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2017-09-23 10:43 am
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Rainbow Snippets

How is it Saturday again? This year is in hyperdrive. And since it's an insanely busy weekend where I should be saying I'm going on a steampunk train ride (but I'm not because a) too freaking hot, 90+ in Sept in Ohio??? and b) too busy), I'll get right down to it.

Continuing with These Haunted Hills and you finally get to learn what terrified Brendan in the woods (if Josh can stop chuckling at him that is). It's longer than it should be just so I can close out the reveal.

“Man, now I just want to come to your place at night.” Joshua bounced in his chair, and then – as Brendan sputtered into his coffee – went redder than the morning’s sunrise. “God! I didn’t mean it like that. Why can’t I talk around you? I swear I don’t normally blurt out inappropriate shit.”

Brendan snorted. “Are you sure?”

“Mostly.” Joshua thrust out the phone. “That’s what I study, that’s a fox cry.”

“That’s what a fox sounds like? You’re kidding. I had no idea.”

“They don’t sound like that idiotic song.”

Brendan rolled his eyes. “Thank god. Keep listening. There’s more weirdness.”

Joshua hit the next recording. The howls gave way to rapid fire yipping. “That’s gekkering. You have at least two foxes out there. Could be a territorial dispute though they sound youngish. Could be pups at play. I wonder if they’re any of mine.

If you want to hear what Brendan heard, here you go, fox howls and gekkering are both on here.

If you'd like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It's been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It's been a great supportive group!
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2017-09-16 05:04 pm
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Rainbow Snippets

It's been such a hellish week that I'm not even sure if I did or didn't finish everyone's post last week. If I missed you, I apologize.

Today was good. I met friends at the Mothman Festival. Had fun as always but this festival is getting huge. I did get to talk to Rosemary Ellen Guilley as usual. Her talk was packed but probably because one of the dudes from TAPS was following her.

Maybe Josh should take Brendan out to the TNT site (I went today). Speaking of These Haunted Hills I'll be continuing with them. Last week Brendan was spooked by something screaming in the woods. This picks up the next day. He's met Josh in a diner and Josh has asked why Brendan looks so exhausted and that's where we're at (and six sentences means you still don't get to learn exactly what happened yet).

“Okay I was outside last night on the porch having a beer when I heard this sound. Scared the hell out of me!” Brendan shuddered and then noticed the amusement in Joshua’s eyes. He could practically pick the words ‘city boy’ out of Joshua’s mind. “It keep crying out and I managed to record some of it. Here, listen.”

He handed it to Joshua before picking up his coffee. Joshua tapped the screen, making the haunting cry echo in the diner. An old couple looked at them from their table across the way. Joshua chuckled.

“You promised not to laugh!”

If you'd like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It's been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It's been a great supportive group!
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2017-09-10 11:57 pm
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September's Bingo

lazy day off angelic (or demonic) beings anonymity marriage/pairing/soulbonding (arranged or otherwise) hot cocoa (or equivalent)
homelessness holiday law and order dystopias artificial beings
shopping gift giving WILD CARD walking/taking a walk depression
imprisonment doppelgangers/clones/impersonators/evil doubles proposal possession/mind control drugs/intoxication
date (first) coming of age psychic/superpowers deus ex machina habits & routines
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2017-09-10 09:40 pm
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Sunday Small Talk

I don't have a lot to say but I thought it would be good to share the freebie I wrote last week for Chuck Wendig's flash fic challenge. It's the most I've wrote in a week in forever (almost 1,900). It's also my first foray into lesbian fiction. It is very mild, just the very beginning of the relationship. Obviously I work better with a deadline. I used to love that in myself. I'm beginning to hate it.

You can find the story here: When They Called Her Home

I'm waiting on a bit more from my beta on Blood Red but I know she's busy so I'm probably just going to label it as done as it's getting and resubmit before I lose my nerve.

I started editing Cassadaga but with the hurricane in Florida (where this is set) I'm struggling. I need to set it aside until I know my friends and family are okay.

I am going to be writing Josh and Brendan's story for nano in theory. I might be writing under my other pen name for the next few weeks for a middle grade reader open call.
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2017-09-09 12:00 pm
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Rainbow Snippets

I feel guilty about how beautiful it is here knowing how bad both coasts are. Still don't know what's happening to family members in FL (they don't communicate nearly as well as my friends who are still safe but the worst is yet to come).

I'm still working on These Haunted Hills. This is over 6 lines but I wanted to capture the moment. At this point Brendan is standing in the clearing in the woods around his cabin, looking at the stars after his conversation with his ex-wife who gave him a gentle nudge to not just look at Joshua as a tour guide to ghosts but rather as an available man. Next week they'll be back together (and dammit, I want to write more but I have 4 exams I have to write. Sigh).

“Beautiful,” he murmured, thinking this needed worked into his story somehow along with how noisy the woods were. It hummed with insects and something that sounded bigger than that. He had no idea. He pulled out his phone and tried to take a picture of the full moon.

A strange cry split the air catapulting him from the chair. It spilled over and his heart pounded. More strange cries followed it. Brendan thumbed on the recorder, jogging toward the house. If whatever screamed in the woods didn’t kill him, maybe Joshua would know what the hell it was. Brendan raced inside and bolted the door. He shut the windows he’d opened. He’d use a fan if he got too hot.

Shaking, he turned off the recorder then eyed the loft. He wasn’t going to sleep after that. He grabbed his computer and turned on the TV. He’d write the night away and maybe the creature in the night would leave him be.

If you'd like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It's been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It's been a great supportive group!
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2017-09-08 12:18 am
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Fic- When They Called Her Home

When They Called Her Home
By Jana Denardo
Author’s Note: Written for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: A Title And Two Lines. The title and the opening and closing lines were chosen from the offered prompts.

Deep inside the twisting wood, there is a house, in a gully. Some might say the house would have been better at the lip of the ravine instead of down near the river. Her grandmother’s magic kept it safe from flooding. Aeleres pressed a hand to her chest, trying to stop the pain blossoming there. The rain and the birds called her home, each drop, each song a message only a witch like her could hear. Aeleres's grandmother was sick. Come home! Come home!

However, she had been studying at the Royal Academy too many miles away, even by the standards witches and wizards traveled by. Translocation had limitations. As she rested up in a bucolic way station, Aeleres felt her grandmother slip away, leaving a tatter in her soul's cloth. By the time she had enough energy built up to slip through to the gully's lip, two days had passed.

Aeleres knew her grandmother hadn't been utterly alone when her time came. Aeleres's mother lived an easy translocation away at the mouth of the river in the sprawling resort town tucked between the marshes this forest gave way to and the sea beyond. Her mother, Wenna, ever the dutiful daughter, would have ensured the funeral rites had been seen to. The logical, cold part of Aeleres wondered if her mother felt free from the burden of caring for - and being emotionally beaten up - by their family's contentious matriarch. Grandmother had been a tough, difficult woman. Woe to the person who didn't let her have her own way. Yet Aeleres loved her in spite of them constantly butting heads.

The tableau, shadowed by the emerald crowns of the forest, seemed diminished by the loss of its mistress. The large home seemed to sag a bit on its foundation as if in mourning. The yard that sprawled down to the riverbed still looked well kempt. Aeleres let her mind spin back decades to the shoe-less days racing through the grass, her silly cat at her heels until they splashed down into the shallow river, water cold and delightful.

Resting against a thick oak tree, she drank in a deep breath perfumed with loam and spring flowers. As much as running around the house had been fun, it was the deep forest that held the most special place in her heart. Aeleres had spent so much of her childhood, playing here. She could climb quick and nimble as a squirrel, always on the look out for dragons. One day she and the Robb twins had found one, no bigger than a fox. The young dragonling had played with them for years. Even now she made a trip to visit with Aeleres once a year. It wouldn't surprise her if Yevlia showed up at Grandmother's house.

Her first magicks were worked in these woods singing honey bees to complacency so she could work her little hands in to steal some of the comb. Aeleres shut her eyes, still able to taste the thick sweetness and feel the wax warm against her tongue, softening to release its treasure. Here in the dappled sunlight, acorns dropping in the autumnal breeze she had shared her first kiss with Ashwin Robb. As far as first kisses went, it was the best you could hope for but it only cemented Ashwin's suspicions he preferred kissing men. As for Aeleres, men were just as lovely as women.

Her feet found the well worn path from her childhood and carried her home. She rapped on the front door before letting herself in. Her heart clenched again when no smells of cooking greeted her nose. Whatever Grandmother's faults had been, her constant cooking wasn't among them.

"In here," her mother called.

Aeleres went past bags and boxes of her grandmother's things to find her mother in the kitchen. A kettle steamed softly on the cast iron stove. Her mother expected her to want tea. Mother knew best. Kissing her mother's cheek, Aeleres tossed more wood into the stove to bring the water up to a rolling boil and nosed about to find the tin of tea leaves. While she waited on the tea, she sat at the kitchen table with her mother.

In front of them were tea pots, glass dishes and other ornaments and cups Aeleres has never seen. She picked up a glass candy dish of pressed glass in swirls of dark blues and purples.

"It's beautiful. Where did this come from?" She set it down, gesturing to the table full of items. "Where did any of it come from?"

"In the cabinets." Her mother nodded with her chin. "She was keeping it for good. Never saw her bring it out, not for company, not for holidays. Was she waiting for? Royals?"

Aeleres snorted. "What are you going to do with it all?"

"Keep some. You can pick from it too. Your cousins might want some. Otherwise it can for sale and charity at seaside." Mother sighed, running her finger along the fluted edge of a glass fruit bowl. "I love glass but, Aeleres, never keep things for good. Make every day a holiday."

"I try."

Aeleres stood and poured the tea. She set the pot on the table. The sugar bowl was already there. "What about the house, Mom?"

"I wanted to talk to you about it."

Sitting again, Aeleres swallowed past a tight throat. "I think I'd like to stay here for a while."

Her mother blinked slowly then smiled. "I was hoping you'd want the house but you do so much work for the royals."

She waved her off. "Half the time they're just a few miles from here summering at the ocean. I can do just as much good here as I can there. If I want to go back and use the Academy's library, I can find someone to watch the house for a while."

Her mother heaved a deep sigh. "That is such a weight off."

Aeleres sipped her tea, too aware her hand shook, nearly sloshing tea onto the piles of kitchen things on the table. Her great grandmother originally had the house built while pregnant with Aeleres's grandmother. The house had stood here in the gully for a century and a year. The thought of it leaving the family made her push herself through translocation after translocation trying to get to the homestead one last time in case her mother wanted to sell it.

"We have to discuss the last ritual," Mom said. Aeleres barely nodded, not wanting to think about it, no matter how necessary it might be.

Before they could breech that delicate topic, someone entered the house. A middle-aged woman, probably a few years younger than Aeleres strode into the kitchen with a ‘Hello, Wenna that died on her lips when she saw Aeleres. She gave Aeleres a quizzical look.

Aeleres returned it. She was lovely with long black hair untouched by frost. She had strong hands that showed her age a bit in their rough skin. Coal black eyes sparkled. No, not coal. That was a dull stone. Obsidian, dark, unknowable and shining. Intelligence lurked behind those eyes, intriguing Aeleres.

“Aeleres, this is Marike, your grandmother’s nurse.”

Smiling, Aeleres stuck out her hand. “Nice to me you.”

“Your grandmother told me a lot about you.”

Aeleres couldn’t contain her smile. “Really?”

“She was quite proud of you.”

Really? Aeleres thought, seeing as she’d only heard criticism on each and every choice she’d made. If she said grass was green, Grandmother would argue. “Thank you for that.” She wanted to ask Marike why she was here but couldn’t figure out a nice way to do that.

“I really liked your grandmother so I told Wenna I’d be happy to help you pack up here. I know how hard a task that can be.” Marike’s soft smile was more comforting than a hundred tender words.

Even in her numb mourning state, Marike’s beauty wasn’t lost on Aeleres. She wanted to know more, to spend time with this woman. Having her here helping satisfied that deep, surprising need. “Thank you but don’t you have other patients.”

Marike shook her head. “I do private nursing, one patient at a time so I’m at your disposal.”

“I’m looking forward to getting to know you,” Aeleres said. “Just tell me where to start.”

“Why don’t you and Marike start emptying the curio cabinet,” her mother said.

Aeleres nodded, stepping into the dining room. She stared at the large glass-fronted cabinet. She’s forgotten Grandmother collected bells. There was nothing Aeleres wanted to collect less. “We have our work cut out for us.”

“I can’t argue that.” Marike smiled again and Aeleres’s burden lifted. She never imagined a homecoming like this.


In the week Aeleres, Marike and Wenna spent organizing her grandmother’s cluttered house, taking time to sort out the items that could be given to charity, sold or kept as heirlooms. Marike came every day, trading stories and histories with Aeleres. It might be the wrong timing but Aeleres swore she saw a spark in Marike, a connection between them that was deeper than mere friendship.

“Aeleres, bring me that box on the dining room table,” her mother called from outside.

Marike helped Aeleres lug it out. Her mother sat where the stump of the pine tree that had stood in front of the house for much of Aeleres’s life. A small bonfire consumed it. The women placed the box next to the two empty chairs at Wenna’s side.

Wenna opened it, nodding. “Crumple the papers up and toss them in.” She nodded to the fire.

“Are you sure?” Aeleres asked.

“It’s a box of receipts from butchers and grocers dating back to before even I was born.” Her mother grinned.

Aeleres snorted, sitting down, Marike taking the other chair. Before Aeleres could start wadding up paper, her mother handed her an engraved box. Her heart caught. This was the moment she was dreading. Her gaze slid sideways to Marike wondering if she should ask her to go.

“Mom, are you sure?” she asked and Marike gave her a curious look.

“My magic has never been as strong as yours and I’m already old myself. It should be yours.”

Aeleres stared into the box. Her grandmother’s heart-stone rested on the blue velvet lining, like an egg of tourmaline.

“What is it?” Marike asked.

“Crystallized magic. It’s what’s left after a witch or wizard is cremated. It’s meant to be passed on to a family member, to add to their own magic.” Aeleres stroked its surface feeling the power thrumming under its warm surface. She proffered it to her mother one last time. Wenna should have it. She was next in line.

Shaking her head, her mother lifted the stone out, pressing it against Aeleres’s chest. Aeleres cupped it, opening her defenses. The stone melted into her, loosening her muscles, sending tendrils of magic throughout her.

Her mother kissed her cheek. “Use it well.” She stood. “I have some packing to do in the library. You two can handle this.”

“Thank you for letting me see this.” Marike nodded to the empty box.

“You’re welcome. You’re my friend. I wanted you to share in it. It’s usually done with more ritual and people but we’re a bit isolated here.” Aeleres waved a hand to the woods.

“I appreciate it all the same.” Marike tossed a handful of papers on the fire. “Let me repay it by taking you to my favorite place out at the beach when we’re done here.”

Aeleres felt her nerves sing and it wasn’t all from the heart-stone's magic. “I’d love that.”

Marike took Aeleres’s hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. “Excellent.”

Aeleres squeezed back. The bonfire danced in front of them. The smoke was blue and grey and smelled like a promise.
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2017-09-02 10:03 pm

Literary destinations

Where have you been this week? I'm reading multiple books to finish up a reading challenge (not like I don't have months left but that's how my brain works)

I'm in New York City with Echoes in Death (near future mystery) by J.D. Robb.

And in London/Hogwarts with a reread of Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone (illustrated version) by J.K. Rowling

Not to mention in Prydain in Lloyd Alexander's The Book of Three, also a reread but it's been so long I barely remember it other than how much I loved this as a child.

and lastly an unnamed world in The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill.

It's a varied trip this week.
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2017-09-02 11:31 am
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Rainbow Snippets

I've settled into this semester's new swing and can relax a little now that I've heard from my Texan friends (all of whom have been very lucky). So now I hope I can get myself writing more. I'm noodling with Chuck Wendig's flash fic challenge this week and of course, I'm getting back to These Haunted Hills.

I'll be sharing more of that today. I'm glad that Brendan's still close relationship with his ex seems to be working for people. I was a bit surprised that enjoying Stephen King's books equated to being morbid by nature which is definitely not what I'm going for so I'll have to think on that, so thank you.

For today's snippet I'm skipping to the end of their conversation (you'll miss her teasing him about getting Josh to do a tick exam). It's a few lines over to complete the passage but I think I'll be forgiven for that.

But seriously I’m glad you’re out there working again, Brendan. I know how hard it’s been for you to take that step.”

He said nothing. Kirsten knew too well, her heart broken for him.

“I worried though when you said you were going to a cabin in the middle of nowhere.”

“The hotel is in the woods. I know what you’re thinking but you don’t have to worry.” Last night that would have been a lie, maybe it still was, but after meeting Josh, he honestly felt the mountain roll off his chest. The old familiar energy he used to feel when writing ebbed back in through the cracks in his armor.

If you'd like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It's been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It's been a great supportive group!
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2017-08-28 09:30 pm
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Things like Harvey are gutting. The destruction is everywhere. Even if we're not directly affected we feel the pain of loss because we can imagine the horror of it all. Some of us know people in the path of the storm. I'm lucky enough to know my friends in Houston are okay (but they are still in Houston itself and more rain is coming). Others still don't know about their loved ones.

This is not the first (nor will it be the last) time we've all witnessed such things. The one thing I loved about fandom is their response to such tragedy, something needed when we have a president too busy fucking about on Twitter to do anything or so-called Christian leaders like Osteen who is quick to quote the Bible when it comes to silencing gays or women but forgets it when it comes time to help.

Fans have come together to raise money to do what little bit they can to help. I remember the charity auctions for Japan after Fukishima and here in the states after Katrina and Sandy. I wish I were still more active in fandoms but mine have gone quiet and I didn't really follow it to Tumblr much. Though I probably will have friends who'll direct me to them if they happen.

In the professional writing world we have that same sense of compassion and the desire to help, like last year with all the anthologies sold to help the victims of the Pulse shooting. Already some have gotten a start on helping. You can check out Queer Sci-Fi's post on the subject.

Not all of us can run to Texas to help. Not all of us can donate scads of money. But all of us can do a little something.
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2017-08-27 09:44 pm
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Sunday Small Talk

It's just a short talk this time as it was a horrendous first week of the semester. It ate up all my time and emotionally left nothing for me when it came to writing.

I'm still waiting to hear back from my beta on whether or not she'll be reading more of Blood Red Roulette (things are nutso on her end too). So that's in a holding pattern.

I did however make tons of progress on my steampunk Christmas story. I 'm already through two rounds of edits and am waiting on copy edits. I've finally managed to get all of the author info, cover spec and blurb stuff in. I wasn't dragging my heels but I was a bit late with it. The first week of school and the week leading up to it are insanely busy so there's that.

The other writing thing I've done was editing on an old fan fic. I don't hide my fan fic roots. I'm proud of them. I had written a Saiyuki novella for a big bang at least seven years ago (which was the last time I had touched the file) but that challenge failed and it's been in the forgotten file folder. This year someone else started up another Saiyuki big bang so I blew the dust off the novella. To my shock, for being so old, it's not actually bad. There are some weak rough spots but when this goes live next week, I'll be happy for it. I miss doing a lot of fan ficcing. It's something i only do at the holidays for the various challenges.
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2017-08-26 11:42 pm
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reading destinations

I thought I'd try to get a little more content on the blog so I'm combining a few ideas from others, sharing books and destinations. I'm doing a destination challenge on FB but since I read a lot of SF/Fantasy that often leaves me weeks with no 'destination.'

So I thought why not open up my take on it to include offworld/fantasy settings. Respond here, FB, twitter whatever makes you happy and let's share some books because don't all your TBR piles need to be bigger?

Right now I'm on a middle grade kick. I'm reading The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill and rereading Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone by JK Rowling. So that takes me to a so far unnamed fantasy world and London/Hogwarts.
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2017-08-26 03:14 pm
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Rainbow Snippets

It was a completely traumatic first week back to school, not only for me but for our two new hires. I hope to hell they don't think it's always like this or we'll be looking for new ones again.

So I didn't write as much as I wanted (also I had edits to do which were easy so that made me happy, I'll talk more about this one closer to the holidays) and I'm looking forward to reading all your snippets to get my mind off this.

I'm picking up right where we left off with Brendan talking to his ex wife (still a good friend) Kirsten. They're talking about him meeting Josh.

I’m looking forward to working with him.

“Good I love hearing the excitement, Brendan. It’s been so long since I’ve heard you this jazzed about a project even if it’s a little morbid.”

“You never did like horror.”

“You were the Stephen King fan, Bren. I can’t believe you’re going to go into haunted houses.”

If you'd like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It's been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It's been a great supportive group!
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2017-08-20 11:57 pm
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Sunday Small Talk

It'll be short but important this weekend. It'll be hard to write this coming week as class is starting and that is always a chaotic time.

I did manage to finish my edits for Nine Star Press on the steampunk Christmas story. I still have a ton of other stuff to finish for them (maybe tomorrow) but the edits have been turned back in. I'm struggling to come up with a picture for my bio. I loathe having my picture taken.

And I finally finished editing Blood Red Roulette. Oh it's not ready yet to send out. My beta reader is going over the first third of it since I changed it so extensively and I have a few scenes that I want to dither about cutting or not but it's done (but still pretty long. Sigh). I wanted to get it done by July and failed so I revised that to get it done before classes. I'm making that by the skin of my teeth.

I still fear this one will never find a home.
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2017-08-19 11:53 am
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Rainbow Snippets

Made it back to work and right into a hot mess which is why it took me so long to get caught up on your snippets.

On the other hand being back in the Athens area is helping to make These Haunted Hills talk louder in my head. Once I get some edits out of the way I can get back to them.

We left off with Josh and Brendan's story with Brendan back at his cabin talking to his ex, Kirsten, who was concerned he was so late with his check in call (combination of her being a city girl leery of the woods and her worry that he has gone out there to commit suicide.) Here's more of their conversation.

It was hours after he’d promised to call Kirsten. “I went to the library and did some local research. It’s a fascinating town.”

“What’s Doctor Zimmerman like? Is he as cute as that picture you sent me?”

“Kirsten!” Brendan squirmed. “Much more adorable than that university website picture. Joshua’s a geek, huge fan. You can almost hear the need to be a screaming fan boy ripping out of him but he was well-behave professional, funny. I liked him."

If you'd like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It's been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It's been a great supportive group!
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2017-08-12 10:21 am
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Rainbow Snippets

Spent the last week of my vacation being ill. Sigh. Next week is the faculty back to work meetings then the semester starts. Wow this summer went fast.

This week I'm going back to These Haunted Hills with Josh the professor and ghost hunter and Brendan the novelist who lost his son. When we left off Josh had been talking to his ghost hunting partner, Cassia, about meeting Brendan. Today I'm going with what happens after Brendan went back to his cabin in the woods. For reference, Kirsten is Brendan's ex-wife with whom he's on very good terms and oh I'm over a sentence or two again. Sigh.

Brendan rested on his cabin’s small porch, finally fishing out his phone. He turned it on and saw overly a dozen message from Kirsten. Guilt from worrying her filled him as he called her back.

“Brendan, there you are!” The bell-clear concern in her tone redoubled the guilt.

“Sorry. I had my phone off so not to interrupt Dr. Zimmerman. I just got back to the cabin.”

“It’s late.”

If you'd like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It's been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It's been a great supportive group!
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2017-08-06 08:37 pm
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Sunday Small Talk

I am very happy to say Nine Star Press gave me a contract for my Christmas Steampunk short story. It's a thrill to see someone not only want my unusual story but also hoped there might be more in this universe.

This is a very nice feeling. I hope that the readers will love it as much.

But it's more than just a short story sale. I'm making connections with another publisher and that is a good thing.

I need to, once I get Blood Red finally over and done with (hopefully soon), edit through those two novellas of mine and try them again.

I've also noodled a bit with These Haunted Hills so that's good.

I've not accomplished all I wanted to this week but it's been a good week regardless.
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2017-08-05 11:06 am
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Rainbow Snippets

I think I missed a few of you last week (I'll go back and look). I can't believe I only have 2 weekends left before the semester starts. The good news is that new class I had to create from scratch is done except for me readying the second half of the semester student version of the notes (which will only take a day to do). I managed a Camp Nano win by a mere 500 words over. It was not a good month for writing and August will be worse. Ah well, I will make it through.

I wasn't going to post more of my faerie short story with ManLoveRomance Press, Conned but a lot of you wanted to see that elevator kiss so here we go.

Roy swallowed down the rest of that sentence, acting on impulse, sealing his lips over Sion’s. He hadn’t been this rash since college. If Sion was startled, Roy couldn’t tell from the way he kissed. The smaller man’s tongue swept Roy’s mouth. Cradling Sion’s head, Roy could feel the fake pointed ears. They felt so warm and alive. How had Sion managed that bit of cosplay?

Buy link You can find Conned here

If you'd like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It's been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It's been a great supportive group!
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2017-07-29 03:43 pm
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Rainbow Snippets

Back from vacation, head crammed full of new sights that lead to new ideas. Now to find time to actually write any of them. Newport Rhode Island was super expensive fun. The geography alone would make for a nice setting even if you forget about the plethora of Gilded Age mansions (which I can not).

One last time with my faerie short story with ManLoveRomance Press, Conned. For context, Roy and Sion had been encouraged to kiss for the fangirls but Roy bowed out. Sion followed him to the elevator to apologize if he had pushed things to far and Roy explained it was more about the police force still not being very forward thinking about gay cops.

Snippet (which I think snuck over 2 sentences. Oops)
“All I could see was those pictures ending up all over the net, especially if we had kissed. I would not want to have to explain that at work, which I suppose is a bit paranoid.”

“No, no, I don’t blame you.” Sion waved a hand, his odd eyes sweeping over Roy, lingering just a bit too long on his lips. “I’m not offended.”

“Good…because I really wanted to kiss you, and I knew that would be trouble for me,” Roy said, rubbing a hand over his face. Had he really just said that?

Sion smirked. “Do you still want to? We have a floor or two—”

Buy link You can find Conned here

If you'd like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It's been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It's been a great supportive group!