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I missed last week because I was traveling and it was the day after my 50th birthday and I'm still not easy with that idea (though grateful to have so much time allotted to me).

I've finished all the proofs for Conned and I picked a cover (I asked 4 people for input, actually got 4 responses split 50/50). Neither picture were a truly great fit but with something set at a con, it's very hard to do that since everything is trademarked. I'm still pretty shocked that each story in this one-a-day thing (or however it's being done) is getting art so I am very happy with what I got.

I'm waiting to hear from my beta on my omg why can't I title it Christmas short. I'm not really sweating it if it doesn't get picked up. I'll self pub it and give the money to St. Jude's or the like.

I'm trying to quickly write a Halloween m/m/m story which all it wants is sex. I could barely finish my Christmas story because I felt it needed a sex scene but didn't want to deal with it and that's all this story wants (it's not getting it, some yes but not nearly as much as it wants). I do have a beginning (which has been lost three times, driving me nuts) and I know the end but will I have the time? Who knows.

And I want to finish Blood Red which I STILL haven't finished. It's been a matter of time and I'm more and more sad over it daily.
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