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Still continuing with These Haunted Hills which I've not been having as much time for in Camp Nano as I would like (both camp and nano end up in the all-time worst months for professors). It picks up where we left off last week where Josh outs himself to Brendan (almost immediately and much to his chagrin. Well he IS nervous about meeting one of his idols).

Glossing over my runaway mouth, back to Ash cave which got its name for all the mounds of ash found here, we think it was from the long term use by the Native Americans, probably the Shawnee or Wyandotte. But it was used by White settlers, too and even as a pulpit. So there is some interesting history here.”

“Is the haunting one of the Shawnee?”

“There have been a few evps that might suggest that but the ghost most commonly seen here is a woman who looks like she’s from the 1920s.”

‘Really? A lady in twenties garb?”

And here, Ash cave from the far rim.  photo DSCN0082_zpsfq1vt3em.jpg

If you'd like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It's been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It's been a great supportive group!


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