Jul. 15th, 2017

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Sorry I didn't get to everyone's last week. It was an insanely busy week interviewing new faculty and mentally exhausted in the evenings. I hope to do better this week.

I rather missed the release of one of my short stories so I'm going to take a break from These Haunted Hills to showcase the new story, Conned

Snippet (it's a sentence too long as I didn't want to give the wrong impression as to who's talking to Sion)- Sion took a last look at his reflection. It hadn’t taken much magic to change his appearance to take on Edwin Silverleaf aspects. He didn’t even have to mask the sweep of his pointed ears.
“I’m sure you’re beautiful. Let’s get moving, you peacock,” a masculine voice called from the other room.
Sion huffed as he walked into the hotel suite’s living room. His son, Ioan, was dressed like a Catholic priest, a cane in his hand. Bishop from Dogs: Bullets and Carnage was a natural choice for Ioan, a blind man cosplaying a blind manga character.

Blurb Detective Roy Connolly never expected to find real elves and murder at his local anime convention.

Seeking a bonding experience with his formerly estranged son, Sion, a crown prince of the elves, takes him to something they both enjoy: a human anime convention. They both like humans and all their geeky creations so Sion anticipates an enjoyable weekend. He never expected an enemy assassin, armed with only a description of Sion's cosplay, to start murdering his way through the convention.

Detective Roy Connolly, a closet geek, heads to the same anime con without his friend, Amelia. He's surprised to find one of the most handsome men he's ever seen cosplaying in the same anime style as his own, and even more delighted that Sion can't keep his hands off him. Throwing caution to the wind, Roy jumps into a whirlwind relationship only to find himself in the cross hairs of an assassin.

Buy link You can find Conned here

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