Feb. 25th, 2017

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Today it was nearly 80. In February. In Ohio. Setting aside how messed up that is, and how it is no doubt a sobering sign of a deranged environment, I decided since I can't change it, I might as well as enjoy it (as it is supposed to storm then snow tomorrow and be nearly sixty degrees colder. Joy). I decided to do what druids do, get out in nature. I headed out to Ash Cave, which is more of rock shelter/recess cave than it is anything else and in spite of using it in These Haunted Hills I hadn't been to it (and now I see things to tweak).

It's actually less than 40 miles from me but takes about an hour to get to thanks to the rollercoaster roads and having to slow down thru small towns. I didn't know, until talking to local friends about These Haunted Hills that Ash Cave was handicapped accessible (I just looked past that one the web site). They have the 'grandma's gateway' trail which is a cement trail all the way to the basin. So it's a very easy walk even for someone like me who is more arthritis than anything.

Also those aforementioned allergies? They're to tree pollen. You know like the cedars and hemlocks I was surrounded by. Ah, life. I had my inhaler. And I was more itchy than raspy. It was a really nice setting. People have been carving their names into the limestone forever (I saw some from the 1800s) so if there were any from the original occupants (the Wyandot? The Shawnee? It's up for debate) you couldn't tell now.

The waterfall is light and you can literally walk under it if you so desire (the children darting everywhere did). There are a ton of people in my pics because everyone had the same idea as I did. I went to the water's edge. I explored the recess (but wasn't sure where the whispering galleries were) then I went behind the water fall. Some pictures of the way the limestone was carved by the water all those centuries ago will pop up on macro mondays.

Pigeons use the recesses to roost in. A couple came to see what I was doing. Or maybe to see why one idiot kept doing his wild animal calls. I decided that since I had the easy walk in, I'd take the natural trail on the upper rim. I climb a jillion stairs up to the rim and set off. It was fairly easy too for that matter...until I get to the part where I have go climb down some 'rock' stairs. Wet rock stairs. I decided that since a) I forgot my cellphone like a moron b) was alone it was probably not my best idea to try to get down those. If I'd been with someone and we could have steadied each other I would have been game but as it was, it would have been unwise.

I turned around and about then the ankle I broke in about 6 places as kid decided it had just about enough of my crap and started aching. Once I got back down the steps and on more even ground it was happy again. I did find another trail that wasn't paved that went a few hundred feet at least before cross the creek back to the cement walk way.

It was a nice walk. I got great pictures and a better understanding of the site and better questions I can ask my friend who is a naturalist out there so I can firm up a few points in These Haunted Hills.

On the way home I stopped at Arch and Eddie's for a tasting board of beer and dinner only to find out they had opened their own brew pub next door and today was opening day. Yep more beer was consumed and thank goodness I didn't forget my ereader with my phone because I sat there for a while sobering back up so I could get home.

Have some pictures:

From the near end:  photo DSCN0057_zps2zzo5cz5.jpg

Up close and personal :  photo DSCN0062_zpskzcdzw87.jpg

Splash down:  photo DSCN0063_zpsz94uimtu.jpg

Water in motion:  photo DSCN0068_zpsupv86gvf.jpg

Behind the falls"  photo DSCN0077_zpsotxxn8di.jpg

and  photo DSCN0079_zpsli72w0ut.jpg

neat lens flares:  photo DSCN0080_zps5yyo3w7d.jpg

Lens flare? Wet lens? Ghost?  photo DSCN0082_zpskvtste1n.jpg

Far side of the cave:  photo DSCN0085_zpsk47l1exh.jpg

Pretending I'm not sweating (my god, my hands are like Yato's from Noragami: Stray God)  photo DSCN0088_zps9u9qj82k.jpg
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Since it was freakishly hot yesterday, I hiked out to Ash Cave myself where chapter two of These Haunted Hills is set. So did everyone else in SE Ohio apparently. Still a nice time to decompression and get in touch with nature. I'm picking right up from where I left off last week where Joshua's inner monologue clued us in as to why Halloran is so depressed and is hoping that Halloran's son's death isn't the reason the man is reaching out to ghost hunters. (also I'm going to have to change Christian's name as it's too close to Kristen, his mother. Granted people do that in life all the time but I wonder if it'll be confusing in print).

So have a pic of me going into the cave area.  photo DSCN0042_zpsp5lojaoa.jpg

And if you want to see even more pictures from yesterday head here.

And oh, the snippet ran a couple sentences long just to finish out the thought...

Joshua knew psychic mediums. One ran across them in the ghost hunting business but he wasn’t one and definitely didn’t want to have to get into that with one of his idols. Still, Halloran had asked to see the haunts of the hills rather than invite Joshua to ghost hunt in his Dublin home. It had to be for a new series, right?

As Halloran closed the distance between him, he took off his sunglasses acknowledging the shade the evergreens provided the area. His eyes were blue, a blue Joshua had wondered if they were contact-enhanced when he first seen it on B.A. Halloran’s various online hangouts. Now, up close, they looked real. Sure they could still be contacts but somehow he didn’t think that a man in Halloran’s position would bother. Joshua’s mind flashed to the Abney Park song Rosie and Max. Max’s description worked for Halloran.

If you'd like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It's been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It's been a great supportive group!


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