Feb. 12th, 2017

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I did skip last week's for good reason: I really had nothing new to talk about. I don't really this week either but I didn't want to let it go too long. I am waiting on the edits of one scene, the lost scene, from my beta. You have no idea how happy I am to find that scene. It does something important for all that it's only 1,600K long. But now comes the task of what to cut to shoehorn it in. I have one scene I know is going but I'm not sure they're the same length (I doubt it).

Once that's done it's on to my usual beta and about three pairs of new eyes (and THANK YOU for volunteering. You know who you are!) Once I hear back from them Blood Red Roulette is going back out there.

I am working on rewriting the ending of both Conned (which needs a better title) and Cassadaga Nights (ditto). I'm also struggling to finish my steampunk Christmas story. It has to be done soonish if I'm going to make any of the early cut off dates.

I'm still struggling with my depression but one thing that has made me smile is the reception to These Haunted Hills in the FB community Rainbow Snippets. I'm so thrilled people are liking it. Now to find time to WRITE it. That would be nice. I mean this whole weekend was wasted for writing, for teaching, for literally anything. It's a shame too. And more a shame that it was warm and perfect for hiking except for the fact it won't stop raining. Sigh.


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