Sep. 20th, 2015

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I was absent last week because it's festival time and I love a festival. I find them relaxing, creatively inspiring and of course, expensive as I always get carried away with food, drink and buying things I don't actually need but want.

Last weekend it was the Paw Paw Festival with a lot of good music, beer, food and crafts. I got over a dozen pages handwritten while listening to the music. This weekend was a steampunk trainride and the Mothman Festival. It was helpful in that I got to turn my Weird West story over in my head and came up with one character being Navajo and that Tecumesh was never assassinated so there is a completely different dynamic between the European Settlers and the Native Americans. The other character is a Jewish doctor post Civil war.

Simmer is finally moving along but it's going to run right into the the deadline and it also is getting long. Too long. I'm still happy with it so no matter what something will come of this.

I plan to do a story for [ profile] spook_me for Halloween this year using dark faeries but that's all I know at this time.

I'm still slowly moving forward with Blood Red Roulette and thinking on a sequel to Soldiers of the Sun for Nano.

And we're in the last few days of my Goodreads giveaway for Soldiers of the Sun so if you want to take a chance on winning it here you go.

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Soldiers of the Sun

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