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So Conned is now out, I'm happy to say (though it reminds me that I'm paying for QueerRomance Ink and I haven't put up ANY of my stories, idiot that I am). Check it out here.

Blurb Detective Roy Connolly never expected to find real elves and murder at his local anime convention.

Seeking a bonding experience with his formerly estranged son, Sion, a crown prince of the elves, takes him to something they both enjoy: a human anime convention. They both like humans and all their geeky creations so Sion anticipates an enjoyable weekend. He never expected an enemy assassin, armed with only a description of Sion's cosplay, to start murdering his way through the convention.

Detective Roy Connolly, a closet geek, heads to the same anime con without his friend, Amelia. He's surprised to find one of the most handsome men he's ever seen cosplaying in the same anime style as his own, and even more delighted that Sion can't keep his hands off him. Throwing caution to the wind, Roy jumps into a whirlwind relationship only to find himself in the cross hairs of an assassin.

Buy link You can find Conned here

 photo JD_Conned_zpsq3rdsflz.jpg

I did end up giving up on the Halloween short story, both of them really. With all the drama with the work issues, I didn't write a thing and while I could conceivably finish it this week, (which I really do need to work on finishing lectures so that's not really an option), I'm on vacation next week and wouldn't have been able to edit it and that was before I learned my usual beta wouldn't be available. I would like to finish them, maybe there'll be a market next year.

So my camp nano, which I'm unlikely to finish even with the wimpy word count of 10K, is back to These Haunted HIlls which makes sense from a business stand point. It would be nice to finish a novel again.

Speaking of which I made considerable progress in revamping Blood Red.

That said, I'm struggling to write but that's not new. I hate this, the depression that is creating the inability to concentrate.
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I missed last week because I was traveling and it was the day after my 50th birthday and I'm still not easy with that idea (though grateful to have so much time allotted to me).

I've finished all the proofs for Conned and I picked a cover (I asked 4 people for input, actually got 4 responses split 50/50). Neither picture were a truly great fit but with something set at a con, it's very hard to do that since everything is trademarked. I'm still pretty shocked that each story in this one-a-day thing (or however it's being done) is getting art so I am very happy with what I got.

I'm waiting to hear from my beta on my omg why can't I title it Christmas short. I'm not really sweating it if it doesn't get picked up. I'll self pub it and give the money to St. Jude's or the like.

I'm trying to quickly write a Halloween m/m/m story which all it wants is sex. I could barely finish my Christmas story because I felt it needed a sex scene but didn't want to deal with it and that's all this story wants (it's not getting it, some yes but not nearly as much as it wants). I do have a beginning (which has been lost three times, driving me nuts) and I know the end but will I have the time? Who knows.

And I want to finish Blood Red which I STILL haven't finished. It's been a matter of time and I'm more and more sad over it daily.
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It's been a strange set of months for me lately. The writing has been way down between depression, work and my ability to focus (ADHD, Depression, diabetes converging)

However, I did get some writing done during the boring parts of my convention. I'm not sure I'll find a home for a Steampunk Christmas story but I tried it any how. It's nearly done.

I spent the plane ride to Utah and back again editing Blood Red Roulette. I'm shocked at how rough areas where, things I should have caught in earlier edits.

And my flash fic Falling Water has been selected for Queer Sci-Fi's flash fic anthology, Renewal. That made me very happy. The winners in the contest haven't been announced yet but even if I'm not a winner, I'm proud to get selected to be in the anthology again.
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I haven't blogged much since the every day in April blogfest and honestly while I DO have something to say in this space I don't have time for it at the moment. Mostly because I have to do edits on my writers group stuff.

And more importantly finish the edits for MLR press on my elves at the anime con story. I couldn't download it thanks to that internet issue. I'm still having it but at least now I can download stuff. I was even able to upload a picture today so maybe I can get onto uploading my steampunk symposium pics.

I'm excited to be working with a new press. So far they seem as easy to work with as DSP is so that's really cool. I feel a little spoiled by that.

I am still slowly plugging away at These Haunted HIlls and I'm glad it seems to be popular in Rainbow Snippets.

I all but given up on my Christmas steampunk. I am just swamped and a little depressed, neither making it good for writing.

I DID start something for a horror anthology but it's gone. I know I typed it but I've looked all three places I would have saved it and there is nothing. Luckily I haven't lost much but still, annoying.
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It's been a while I know since I've had anything of note to say here. My creativity has been utterly paralyzed. I have stories sitting in my head howling but when I sit to write the feelings of you can't do it right so why bother overwhelm me and I play online games instead.

I did do a little writing. I sent something in for Queer Sci-Fi's annual flash fic contest (check out their FB page for more details). It was the first idea that came to my mind quite some time ago when the theme of renewal was first announced and it came out mostly as I had envisioned it so I'm happy about that.

The last time wrote one of these I mentioned sending out Conned for ManLoveRomance's fae folk anthology and it was accepted. I'm SO happy. Actually I wrote that years ago for another anthology and it didn't fit. It languished around my hard drive all these years. What makes me very happy is this is the same elf character I've been noodling around with for decades. He and his family have made me very happy over the years but this was the first time I tried to publish one of his stories. I'm awaiting edits (and I already know a couple places they want me to expand). I'm looking forward to working with the editors at MLR as I've not worked with this publishing house before.

I should be getting the rights back to another old story that came out in Wayward Ink's Angels and Devils anthology now that the publishing house is folded. I'll probably just end up making that a free download.

I'm still working on congealing my Camp nano plot.

So yes, there is some good news but I still just don't feel much better about things in general but that is the nature of depression.
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Hi. It's been a few weeks, hasn't it? Mostly I've had nothing to say. I've not been writing. It had seemed rather pointless.

I'm picking up a little this week. I found an anthology that was looking for fey characters and I did send out Conned to that which is an older story. It was shockingly too short so it has a new (and better) ending. Now that I reread the open call, I'm not entirely sure it fits but I took a chance any how.

I did sign up for Camp Nano and I will be doing These Haunted Hills. I'm not sure I can write contemporary but I can at least write paranormal. This is a blend of those. I wish it would gel in my head more though.

I'm revising Blood Red one more time to remove yet another plot line and work on some of the passivity. I am truly ready to just chuck it. It seems like I've been wasting years of my life on this.
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I did skip last week's for good reason: I really had nothing new to talk about. I don't really this week either but I didn't want to let it go too long. I am waiting on the edits of one scene, the lost scene, from my beta. You have no idea how happy I am to find that scene. It does something important for all that it's only 1,600K long. But now comes the task of what to cut to shoehorn it in. I have one scene I know is going but I'm not sure they're the same length (I doubt it).

Once that's done it's on to my usual beta and about three pairs of new eyes (and THANK YOU for volunteering. You know who you are!) Once I hear back from them Blood Red Roulette is going back out there.

I am working on rewriting the ending of both Conned (which needs a better title) and Cassadaga Nights (ditto). I'm also struggling to finish my steampunk Christmas story. It has to be done soonish if I'm going to make any of the early cut off dates.

I'm still struggling with my depression but one thing that has made me smile is the reception to These Haunted Hills in the FB community Rainbow Snippets. I'm so thrilled people are liking it. Now to find time to WRITE it. That would be nice. I mean this whole weekend was wasted for writing, for teaching, for literally anything. It's a shame too. And more a shame that it was warm and perfect for hiking except for the fact it won't stop raining. Sigh.
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Given the first week with our new illustrious (cough) leader in charge has been depressing as fucking hell, not much has gotten written other than a few lines for the flash fic I promised to Lex. Yeah I haven't been able to write 500 words.

So why even update? Because I DID finish my whole novel revision of Blood Red Roulette! I'm very happy about that since I'm way ahead of my self imposed deadline. However, four things still need doing. I need to go over the first 10 chapters AGAIN (shoot me). I've decided to change one more thing which I think will help Arrigo look less like a selfish ass and a bit more intelligent so I have to go fix that. In the process I should double check Luc's dialogue. He gets more Cajun as we go so I need to make that more consistent.

There are only three sex scenes in this, two short blow jobs (one very awkward one, done purposefully) and the one time they aren't having a quickie. Problem: I hate that scene. It doesn't work. It really doesn't so I'm going to scrub it. I'm half tempted to not redo it but I think it needs to be there so back to the drawing board with that one.

And then I realize there is something missing. There is a scene in the 20-something chapter range where Arrigo goes to help Luc remove his stuff from his dad's place which was a nice scene because we finally learn something about Luc's mother and how much he loved her and the few things he kept that were important to him. That scene is now missing. I've been through every flash drive and as far back as last April that scene was gone. It doesn't exist in the chapter break down files either. In fact in me sending my beta readers chapter by chapter files, I totally skipped over the 20s. I caught them up apparently with the full document instead of chapter files and I know this because I just spent a half hour scouring my sent folder for them.

I want to add that in but there's a problem. What do I remove to do so? In removing Craig's whole plot line, I only lost barely 2K. This thing is still about 113K. One of the original complaints was it was too long. I could remove Damien but I liked having him there because if nothing else it gave Taabu something to do and I'm NOT removing her. I wanted a few scenes to humanize her so people care when things go sideways.

I'm not sure what to do.

Once I get these things polished, I'm going to work on the finding new beta readers for it. I'm not looking forward to that. I better brace my ego.
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We'll keep it short as a) there's not much in the way of actual news b) it's been a depressing week with little reprieve on the horizon.

I did agree to do a flash fiction prompt thing for Lex Chase's blog. I have the idea. I just need to sit my butt down and do it and for it NOT to get insanely long.

I find myself wondering if there are any Halloween anthologies out there. I'm in the mood to write something scary but I haven't gone searching yet.

I'm up to chapter 28 on edits for Blood Red Roulettebut it's hard going for a couple of reasons. I'm to the point where I'm going to remove an entire plot thread so I have to be very careful that I get it out. Also I noticed another thing I need to do to the beginning so that means rereading the first 10 chapters AGAIN. OMG I am never going to want to see this again by the time it's accepted somewhere (or I self publish it). But if I do this thing, it will make Arrigo look less like a selfish dickhole so it needs doing.

It's hard also because every time I fix something it adds word count, not removes it. Sigh. I've managed to get 1k out of it but it needs more to go. It doesn't help that I keep seeing person after person posting about how no one wants fantasy/SF/paranormal romances because they're not selling. Granted they would never reach the levels of contemporaries but I can't believe they're not selling judging by requests I've seen in writing challenges, the sheer amount of people in communities like Queer Sci-Fi and how many of the authors who love writing it. I mean, if you love writing it, it stands to reason you're buying it. It's the ONLY thing I buy. I'll be pretty damn sad if I have to stop following some of my favorite authors because they've had to give up on genre fiction because they can't make it otherwise. (I've tried to read some of their contemporary stuff and while well written did literally nothing for me).

So wish me luck on getting Blood Red edited and sent to betas. Wish me even more luck on getting this depression under control.
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I almost didn't bother with a post today because there really isn't much to say. I've written all of two paragraphs on These Haunted Hills and all the rest of my time has been sucked up by the first week back to school stuff and editing Blood Red Roulette and making a fine mess of it.

Then I thought, you know what, let's start this year out right by thanking the people who've helped me. So thank you to Betty and [livejournal.com profile] evil_little_dog & [livejournal.com profile] wildrider for offering up some thoughts on how to even FURTHER revamp the beginning of Blood Red so Arrigo looks less like a selfish idiot because that isn't what I wanted him to be. When I reconfigured Eleni to make her a more worthwhile villain, it was at Arrigo's expense and that isn't working either. So thank you, ladies.

And thanks also to [livejournal.com profile] silvrethorn & [livejournal.com profile] evil_little_dog for weighing in on the rejection of Cassadaga Nights because I had to agree with the editors of the publishing house who said no. I had worried about that and now those worries were confirmed but you know, I think CN can wait until I get my way through BRR.

Sadly I see there is one less publishing house to consider. Wilde City closed its doors. I had noticed it wasn't open for submission when I shopped around for CN and while I have nothing there personally it's sad to see SO MANY indie LGBT publishers going under. I'm also worried about Wayward Ink. The owner there had said hopefully by Jan things would be rolling again (health issues are the concern here) but it's mid Jan with no contact. Oh well. Right now I have enough on my plate without worrying about the SF short I have in consideration there. Once I get BRR and CN reworked, and if there is still no word by then (because seriously I'm thinking it'll be mid-March by then) THEN I'll pull that story.

Of course, I guess the argument could be made that we could just self publish all of these things but that really isn't what I want to be doing right now. Mostly because with the indie publishing houses I at least have some marketing support, editors to help me and cover artists (I mean have you SEEN all my cover art? It's amazing and I could never get anything that good on my own.) So yeah, it's sad to see another one go and good luck to my friends who are affected by this. It's not an auspicious start to the new year (especially following on the heels of the All Romance nightmare).
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Happy New Year and welcome to the first Sunday Small Talk of 2017. It's been a couple of weeks but the last two sundays were holidays and let's be honest, I haven't been doing much because of those said holidays.

For the last month, I took a small vacation from writing professionally because I use December to write fanfic for friends for the holidays. I suppose some will argue that it's a waste of my time but I mentioned on Queer SciFi when the question was asked 'how do you recharge your muse' the answer is I write fanfic. I DO find it recharging but I get to take a break from some of the harder parts of writing (world building, character creation) and just let the words flow.

So I'm looking at 2017 and trying to be better about my time. I need to get an ecalendar that emails me because I keep missing things I should be doing.

Nine Stars rejected Cassadaga Nights but were thoughtful enough to tell me what they thought did and didn't work and the didn't was something I had been worrying about so it's back with my first readers for opinions on how to change it.

Once I get Blood Red Roulette revamped (and god is this a bear!) I want to a) find first readers for it b) start thinking about the rewrites for Deadwood and dedicating it to my friend, Paulle who died this week. It was the last thing she beta read for me.

Other than that, once I get the start of the semester crap out of my face, it's time to get back into writing new stuff. I have four current projects: Behind Blue Eyes (SF), the Steampunk holiday story, These Haunted Hills (contemporary or paranormal, still working that out) and the one set at an anime con but I think I'm going to back burner that one for now.
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As I write this it's hard to be entirely positive what with All Romance shutting down with very short notice and some jackass stealing stories and publishing them under other known authors' names on Amazon to ride their reputations to sales. (There are days I miss the old days of publishing but granted back then most of what I write wouldn't have seen the light of day).

So that's the negative part so let me move on and see what my plans can possibly be in the LGBT publishing realm.

1. Be much more rigid on time management. That is still a bit on the negative but it needs to be said. I need to get it in my head. I've been horrible about it. I spend too much time pissing about on line, especially social media and I need to knock that crap off.

2. First and foremost, I need to FINALLY fix Blood Red Roulette. I have been working on it but I MUST get it done. It'll be almost a year between getting it rejected with suggestions for resubmission and sending it back out. It was a big hit to the ego, especially seeing other stories with almost identical things I was knocked for getting put out by the same publisher. I keep making more of a mess of it. I'm going to need a set of eyes to do a complete read-through once I'm done

3. Play about with the Deadwood shifter story. A little tweaking at it will be a novella and then I'll send it out.

4. I need to find out what's going on with Wayward Ink to see if I need to be thinking about that SF story I have there for an anthology.

5. Work on Behind Blue Eyes. I would love to finish it.

6. Work on the two contemporary novels even though they are a brutal struggle for me.

7. Work on the steampunk Christmas story.

8. Keep an eye on the open calls of course.

9. Clean up my website because it's an embarrassment.

10. Continue to support my fellow authors.

It's not much of a plan. I'm willing to admit to that but I have to balance it with the non-romance/LGBT writing (which definitely needs a lot of work right now too). Here's hoping 2017 has some good opportunities, some good writing and it will look better than 2016 which was a very bad year for me writing-wise.
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In all honesty, my week in writing can be boiled down to a handful of paragraphs on a steampunk short story and the beginning of a new idea. Writing time has been spent cleaning house and packing for the holidays.

So why bother posting at all? Because I wanted to share the reviews of Once Upon a Time in the Weird West. Let's call it an ego moment. It was an exciting project for me and I'm so glad I got to be part of it because for a while I thought I might not be (because damn you story for being overly long).

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

The Blogger Girls

Gay Book Reviews

Joyfully Jay

Divine Magazine

And it's a bestseller at All Romance so do go check it out. I'm sure you'll find stories to love. (and now back to the Christmas packing for me)

 photo WeirdWestORIG_zpskpd6r0lp.jpg
Buy Links Dreampsinner Press
All Romance
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I just made it through finals week. I'm disappointed that I didn't write more while the students were testing but they like it when you grade things fast.

I've inched my way a bit more into a Steampunk Christmas story that I actually intend for next Christmas (i.e. send it to the themed anthologies and if they don't bite, self publish it myself.) I think it's 1899 and I've just realize I'll probably have to make up a war for my airshipman to have fought in. The Civil War was too far in the past and I didn't really want to set it in WWI (besides I don't want it to be in Europe). So was America fighting Canada or Mexico.... I still need to name the lead. I'm between Adam and Abel but realize that if I want the professor love interest to be Al I shouldn't use either of those. Literally just realized that while typing this. Excuse me while I beat my skull on the wall for a moment.

I know what the perfect gift he's bringing Al for Christmas: a Buffalo coat and a Blackhills gold accented pocket watch (Al thinks the perfect gift is Whatshisname being home for the holiday).

Hmmm maybe instead of a war he's lost a leg defending ships transporting Comstock and/or Blackhills gold.

I've nibbled around the edges of Behind Blue Eyes but haven't gotten far and I am getting more and more sure I'm bungling the rearranging of Blood Red Roulette. I'm just going to keep going and get a second pair of eyes on it.

Also I've been kicked in the muse by another contemporary which I think might be better to try than the one I was noodling with (I'll keep that one on the back burner as I like it but it's impossibly geeky). Or might it be paranormal? One of the characters hunts ghosts for fun and for that matter so do I...I'm not sure yet what to do with it but I do know this: Brendan has come to the hocking hills and has taken a cabin there ala Hocking Hills Cabins I'm trying to decide between this large one  photo hocking_zpsom2h0ldk.jpeg or this small one  photo hocking blue-cabin-intro_zps49jjazfx.jpg but it'll probably closer to the small with a loft.

Brendan is a successful YA author from Columbus who wanted to do a horror/ghost story novel next and has rented the cabin for a month while he investigates haunts in SE Ohio, most of which he's seen from a haunted ohio website. Brendan is dubious about being alone in the cabin as he's still, three years later, deeply mourning his son's death from brain cancer at age 5. His marriage has long since broken up and really he's never sure he's more than two steps from joining his child.

He meets the currently unnamed owner of the website who was going to be a naturalist but decided that was a tad too close to my friend whose job and website I'd be modeling this guy after. Also I just didn't want to deal with some of that so instead he's an environmental scientist at a local college (i.e. mine) doing research in the hills as well as being a guide for Brendan. Naturally they hit it off albeit rather slowly.

I do know Brendan wears a glass pendant forged from his son's ashes and I need to find the site I originally saw those one but have found others. At one point he nearly loses it which is probably how the professor learns of the boy.

Drop by tomorrow for a release from me! And since I forgot to share this last week I think have the wonderful art Lex Chase did of Tsela Zahni in Once Upon a Time in the Midwest which comes out in 5 days.

 photo Jana_WW_Fin_zpsntrigvof.png
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One weekend I'll have time to actually compose something intelligible but that weekend is not this one. I'm still prepping for finals week.

 photo NaNoWriMo_2016_WebBadge_Winner_zpsbejca6fb.png

I did win nano! Huzzah. It's not actually for publishing under this pen name and it's not nearly finish but it's a good start. It has some issues I need to work out but that's what 2017 is for.

I'll be picking up editing of Blood Red Roulette again. Sadly in the month of writing nano I forgot some of the changes I've made and need to reread the first 7 chapters again. The problem is, I've read that so many times I'm not sure I can without losing my mind.

I also want to start writing Behind Blue Eyes too and I have a couple story ideas knocking around in my head like a steampunk Christmas story for next year and I'm still going to try to do a contemporary if it kills me and it just might.

I did write Wayward Ink to retract Cassadaga Nights, haven't heard back but I think with all that's going on I'm not really expecting too. I think I know where to send it next.

I need to go back over Queer Sci-Fi's workshop FB page because there was a question that had a lot of possible publishers I want to bookmark. There was one that was looking for nerdy short stories and I do have one. I printed that out for editing since it's been a few years.

Also I'm going to try and take part in a weekly blogging challenge on Wednesdays so maybe there'll be more interesting content soon enough.
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Just another quick post because outside of nano I'm not doing a darned thing! I am however, almost done with nano. I wouldn't have guessed that a week ago. I wasn't doing so good.

And I wanted to put a few things in writing so to speak about the ideas that came to me driving back from Pittsburgh after the holiday (which was thankfully politics free which I didn't bet on as many of my family are conservatives). I knew that the ending had to have the villains getting Cam back because that's sort of the plot of the whole book. I didn't, however, want to do what SO MANY books do: have the protagonist do something stupid and the bad guys put him in danger. I loathe that so much.

So it occurred to me there had to be a traitor that helps the villains out. That way the protagonist doesn't look like a dumb ass and I get the dangerous ending I need.

Now of course I have to go retcon the whole beginning to create that character. And I decided it needs to be one of the guards for the prince. That way I can move Nerium into his position since her role could be eliminated at this point since I changed the outline radically from what I envisioned in October. For that matter, I better find out something better to do with Prince Malas's sister, Ceras because her part is so small and insignificant that I could eliminate her without losing a thing which is never good.

Here's hoping to be finished in the next few days as that's all I have!
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 photo be-kind-whenever-possible_zpsiysvktch.jpg

Happy World Kindness day!

I didn't actually miss last sunday. I tried to crosspost from my other blog. It failed and then my internet was out so...

I wanted to talk a little bit about something I need to inject more into my current nano: raising the stakes for the character, giving them something to overcome.

I was thinking on two manga in particular I thought did this very well. A lot of manga I like for the art and the fun characters but many are just 'beach reads.' Some however are much deeper than that (not that there is anything wrong with entertaining beach reads). Some are truly transformative and their stories truly stand out (and it's a shame in a way that the younger manga reading crowd jump from one thing to another so fast that stories are often quickly forgotten before they're even finished).

Fullmetal Alchemist is one such read. Not only does it have the fantastic art and fun characters, it's storyline is so very well done. I would prop it up against any fantasy novel as one of my favorite all time reads. We have several characters for whom the character stakes keep getting raised. Ed and Al start out trying to recover their bodies from the alchemical mistake they've made. This draws them in Roy Mustang's military world and into a huge drama that threatens their entire country, if not the world, and has roots in their father's past. Worse, Al's soul is showing signs of becoming unanchored from his metal body so there in the stakes are upped. They must reach their goal before the last remnants of Alphonse are lost.

Roy has his own goals of becoming the leader of the country because he sees the corruption and wants it gone. He doesn't want to ever be forced into another war like the one he was in in his youth. But this is no ordinary corruption and the alchemical monsters he's fighting think nothing of threatening his 'queen' and his family and have already cost him his best friend. Then there is young Ling, one of the potential heirs to the throne in Xing. He wants something to make him the best emperor he can be but when he gets it, he faces the loss of all that makes him human. All the way to the end of the manga you felt there was a chance that not all of them would make it (and some did not).

 photo postcard21 2_zpssqiklgnm.jpg

And there is one I'm reading now Noragami: Stray God that is shaping up to be equally good story wise (with very good art too), which surprising story arcs and huge stakes for the characters. In a nutshell Hiyori is a school girl who has a problem, her soul keeps slipping free, leaving her comatose. Her path crosses Yato's, the titular stray god. He's a war god (in reality a calamity god) who is struggling to keep his name in the consciousness of the people by doing odd jobs for them. His most desperate wish is to have his own shrine. He agrees to help Hiyori with her problem and soon they meet the soul a dead boy, Yukine who becomes Yato's shiki, sort of a spiritual weapon and together they fight corrupt spirits. Simple enough, not even really unique in the world of manga.

But quickly the stakes begin to rise. Hiyori faces being lost in the world of spirits if she doesn't find a way to keep her soul in place but she always wants so much to help Yato and Yukine that she's putting herself at risk. Yato wants to help her but knows if he does, he could be forgotten entirely and if that happens, Yato will fade from existence. Yukine doesn't want to be with Yato but his path quickly changes, escalates and has very high stakes indeed. And as if fading his own death, Yato wants something more. He wants to switch from being a god of calamity and destruction to one of happiness. It's these sorts of stories that drag you in because it's not a sure thing that all three of them will be happy or even survive.

 photo nora_zpsvilngggp.jpg

Then I have my story and yes it is a nano and will of course require much revision but the stakes are slow in coming and that's not really a good thing.

For Cam, this is somewhat clear. He wants his freedom. He's been in thrall to the war goddess for so long he can't remember (it's been centuries). Equally important to him is to keep free of those who have had him imprisoned for nearly that long (a cabal of mages but he doesn't know that as his mind is clouded with magic). He's at risk of being lost both back to the cabal, someone who wants to replace the cabal and to the goddess herself. His stakes are fairly high.

For Tenaldi there really aren't any stakes yet. He's happy as a journeyman poison gardener for the queen, content to make poisons and healing potions for his ruler. His only real ambition is to take over the garden as a master gardener some day but he's too young for that. So...not the most compelling of stakes in what should be one of the three main characters. However, his stakes will come and I know that. Caught up with Cam and the drama, he'll be fighting for his life.

It's Solan who is giving me fights. She's supposed to be the third main character and so far she's not really holding up her own end. All I really know about her is that she wants to be a general (or whatever I'll be calling them) in the Queen's cadre of warrior mages and she's well on her way. I know she'll be caught up with Cam and Tenaldi but I really have no separate stakes for her and that is a problem. It's something I need to work on.

The nano is going slowly too between depression and a lack of time. I have learned something rather depressing about my writing. If I have no competition, no goal to beat no stakes of my own I just wander about. Give me a word war against friends and I'll crank out 2K in an hour. I don't like this about myself. It's something I need to work on. I'm closing in on 18K though.

No news on any of my other projects other than we'll have the links for Once Upon a Time in the Weird West soon.
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More like a drive by posting. I missed last week because I was gone most of the weekend and I still have very little of interest to put here.

I'm at the point where both More Than His Scar and Corpse Powder are in their finals edits. The next thing I'll be sharing of those will be cover reveals no doubt.

I haven't gotten around to much writing beyond Halloween freebies which I miraculously finished and need to edit tonight. I had to take time off to clean because my god even by my standards it was pretty horrible in here.

I will be nanoing but under my other pen name. There will however be a gay character so I might be by with info on him.

Mostly just posting to prove I'm still alive.
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Very small this time as I have tendonitis in my left hand (my good hand) so badly I can barely use it. I need to get it under control asap.

I didn't do much writing because I had a lot of RL stuff to do in the evening hours which is my writing time. That said I also went festivaling and spent tons of money and had fun and got writing ideas especially after last night's jaunt into a haunted railroad tunnel in a ghost town in the middle of a forest.

I got back the second edits on More than His Scars that I need to get my butt moving on.

I've also signed the paperwork to get my rights back on Ghosts of Jupiter as the Cross bones anthology is going OOP as I mentioned last week.

Speaking of reversions, I think I'll be taking back Cassadaga right now as that publishing house's driving force is having health issues and everything is on hiatus (understandable). I will leave Modified and Sacred there for now as I have no other anthology for it any how. That seems fair to me.
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A very short one this week since I have accomplished next to nothing. I've been out playing around and plotting my nano (which will under my other pen name). I was at a Halloween party until after midnight last night and at the renn fest all day.

In fact I heard something there that I have to use in a story. An artist was telling someone about a friend who thought her house was haunted and one of the things that happened was when they moved in there was a fire pit out back. In it, they found dozens of half burned photos and negatives including one of a little girl with half her face burned away (which he then hid in her bathroom as a prank).

I did get the first scene of my [livejournal.com profile] spook_me story started so that's something.

And the rights of my short story Ghost of Jupiter have reverted back to me as the pirate anthology Cross Bones is going out of print. I always did want to do more with that universe some day.


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